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Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd November 2022 Episode starts with Saavi thinking to tell truth to Vedika. She says I want to tell you something, I hope you will understand me, but even if you don’t understand then also don’t get helpless. Vedika says I know what you want to say, and says I know since 2 nights.

Sonam tells Ratna that Saavi is going out in night and she must be upto something. Ratna tells that Saavi must have went out to feed poor or animal, there will be nothing wrong with her. Sonam tells that she is surely upto something and asks her to come with her, if she wants her to become Dalmia bahu. Ratna asks how to come like this. Sonam asks shall I bring moustache for you.

Ratna says yes. Sonam asks her to come. Vedika says I know that it is Nityam’s problem, he is habitual to sleep in AC while you don’t and that’s why you get tea in thermas. She says I will ask Giridhar to fill tea in flask and tells that she knows well, that she will not to do anything wrong. Sonam and Ratna are leaving. Shivam comes there and asks if they are going somewhere.

Sonam tells that they are going for walk. Ratna says Sonam’s weight is increased. Shivam asks Sonam to come for the ride. Sonam refuses and tells that she can’t come, as they were going to Saavi’s house. Ratna says by walk and then. Sonam says Akhand Ramayan paat is going on there. He says he will come with them.

Sonam thinks he seems to be more crazy than before and tells Ratna that she will go with Shivam and asks Ratna to do her work. Shivam tells Sonam, how much you love me. Sonam sits on the bike. Shivam says we will meet again. Ratna says be happy. Sonam goes. Ratna thinks Sonam left me alone and asks God to protect her.

Dimpy calls Sonam and thinks why she is not picking the call, I want every second’s report. Pandit ji asks Dimpy to come and tells that supari needs to be of small pieces and asks her to cut it. She thinks to go and check on Saavi, on the pretext of bringing other supari cutter. Shivam brings Sonam to the prince lodge. Sonam says we were about to go to ride. He says he wants to talk to her.

Sonam says ok. Ratna waits outside Nityam’s house and thinks Saavi must be sleeping on her soft mattress. Just then she sees Saavi coming out of Dalmia house. Ratna thinks Sonam and Dimpy’s doubt was right. Dimpy knocks on Nityam’s door and asks him to wake up and check his wife. Pandit ji comes there and asks Dimpy why she is searching beetal cutter here.

Nityam comes out hearing the sound, and asks what happened? Pandit ji says you said that you will bring the beetal cutter and says you are useless, clever and greedy. Nityam says Ms. Roy, Pandit ji came to know about you. Dimpy asks Nityam about Saavi. Nityam says she is sleeping and goes to the bed.

He finds her not there and thinks don’t know where she is sleeping. He finds a note stick to the fan, in which Saavi has written that she has made the arrangements for the bharat milap paat, so that nothing wrong happens. He thinks their thinking never matches and thinks he hates his brother.

Sonam asks why are we sitting here since 35 mins. He says 36 mins. He says I used to wait for hours to see your one smile. He talks about his love for her. Sonam asks if she shall go, if he is over. He asks her to call Tillu Mama. Saavi is walking on the road. She senses someone is behind her. Ratna thinks why she came here, I will find out now. Saavi turns and looks back. Ratna hides.

Shivam says you asked Tillu to poisoned the food in canteen. Sonam says it is not truth, why will I say this. Shivam asks if this is my misunderstanding, you accused my friend of teasing you and got him beaten up by your fiance and sent him to jail. Sonam says which friend, I don’t know. He asks really and asks her to call Tillu. Sonam calls Ratna and makes her hear Shivam. Ratna is shocked.

Shivam asks whom you have called. Sonam says you will not know. He takes her phone and asks her to call Sonam. Sonam refuses and tells that this is all his imagination. She tells that Krishna lied to him and you are getting provoked by him. Shivam controls his anger and says if Tillu doesn’t come then my life will be ruined, I will not let you ruin my life. He says until Tillu comes here, we will not go anywhere. Saavi comes to Chattriprasad and waits for the call centre passengers.

She thinks she has basic phone, else would have used Social media to get the passengers. She thinks to call Shivam. Shivam says he will call Saavi and will tell her truth. Just then Saavi calls Shivam. Shivam picks the call and asks if you are alone, or with someone. Sonam looks on.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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