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Saavi Ki Savaari 21st November 2022 Episode starts with Sonam coming to Dimpy and telling that Nityam made halwa to save Saavi. Dimpy asks her to think why Saavi slept in daytime. She says something big is happening here. Himesh comes there and tells that Vedika gave Ram and Sita’s place to them.

Sonam couldn’t bear and leave. Nityam is sitting in the room. Saavi wakes up and asks why didn’t you wake me up for the prasad. Nityam says you used to roam all night and don’t sleep, as you are very stubborn. He says you behave like Zombie and my meetings get ruined.

He says he left his meeting of crores and made halwa which was her responsibility, but next time I will let you get insulted. She asks you have made halwa. Nityam says don’t tell anyone that you had slept and tells that he told them that he asked her to rest. Saavi asks do you know how to make halwa and asks many questions. He goes.

Krishna comes home. Shivam asks how are you and tells that he is on interim bail. Krishna says I tried to contact you, but was put behind bars. He says she trapped both of us and is living a lavish life. Shivam gets angry and grabs his neck. Krishna says today I will not be quiet and will tell you truth.

He says she is very clever and didn’t think even once before ruining our future. Shivam gets teary eyes and asks what are you saying? Krishna tells Shivam that Sonam accused him of teasing her in Malwa resort and made her younger sister believed it. He tells that she had trapped you in that poisonous food incident, so that she can marry rich guy. He says I met her would be husband, he was angry and arrogant guy. Shivam puts cold water on his head and tells that he don’t want to do anything in anger, and will think what to do with Sonam.

Sonam tells Ratna that nobody likes Saavi in that house, but she is living there peacefully. She says her destiny is good. Ratna says we are having ghee roti after many days. Nutan tells Brijesh that she will not agree. Ratna asks what? Brijesh tells that Saavi had a deep sleep in daytime, that damad ji had to made halwa. Nutan says she is having problem. Brijesh says she must be tired. He says Saavi used to sleep in day time when she used to do night shift. Sonam tells Ratna of Dimpy’s words, and says where she would be going in night. Saavi wakes up and thinking if Nityam wakes up and finds me missing then. He has brought pedestal fan for me.

Dimpy tells Pandit ji that she will leave, as daytime girl has completed the work. Pandit ji asks her to sit all night and asks who will add ghee in it. Dimpy asks him to add it himself. Pandit ji tells that he will talk to Uma devi that the daytime girl is responsible and will ask her to send someone responsible for night work. Dimpy says I will add ghee to the diya. She thinks how to find out, where Saavi goes.

Saavi comes to the kitchen and thinks many drivers do double duty, so she shall complete her daytime’s work now itself. She makes the food and thinks to wash the puja clothes. Vedika recalls Nityam asking Raksham why he didn’t die. Krishna asks Shivam if he is sure? He says Sonam can trap him again. Shivam says you have already suffered for me and thanks him for being with him as his brother. He goes.

Pandit ji comes to the temple and asks Dimpy what is she doing? Dimpy makes an excuse. Vedika comes there and sits. Dimpy says she will make an important call and will come. Pandit ji asks her to come fast.

Sonam checks flour box and finds it full. She gets Dimpy’s call and tells her that she did a mistake by not agreeing to her words. She tells that the kitchen boxes are full with ration, and tells that she is sure that Saavi goes in night to earn some extra income. Dimpy asks when you can come to Dalmia house as Saavi goes out at 12. She asks her to follow her. Sonam asks why you can’t follow her. Dimpy says she can’t go, as Pandit ji’s sight on her.

Pandit ji tells Vedika that he can understand her pain hearing Ramayan’s chapter. Vedika says she is jealous of Ram and his brothers’ mothers, as they were so united. Pandit ji says we have met your son Nityam and praises him. He asks her not to worry about him. Vedika says pain and bitterness hidden in him, which he couldn’t talk.

Pandit ji says bharat milap adhyay will start tomorrow and you will feel peace. Vedika thinks she will feel pain. Pandit ji tells Vedika that Dimpy can’t sit at one place. Vedika goes. Saavi talks to Razzak and tells that she is leaving. Vedika comes there and asks Saavi, why she is filling tea in thermas. Saavi thinks to tell her. Vedika says I came to know everything.


Saavi Ki Savaari 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivam comes to Sonam and takes her with him. He then asks Sonam to call Tillu and asks him to confess that she asked him to poisoned the food in the canteen. He says Saavi doesn’t know about Sonam’s plan and calls her.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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