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Saavi Ki Savaari 1st November 2022 Episode starts with Nutan teling Sonam that she saw how she talked to Nityam. Sonam thinks if Maa understood my intention. Nutan tells Sonam that today she saw her as understanding and saw her as the girl who is ready to move on. Sonam says amidst my fights with Saavi, I can’t forget that she is my younger sister and a part of my life.

She says that’s why Nityam is also important to her. Nutan tells her that she is forgiving her this time and will not forgive her next time. Sonam asks did you forgive me? She thanks her and hugs her. Door bell rings. She opens the door and sees Shivam standing holding the cake.

Sonam takes him outside. He says he has come to celebrate her birthday and tells that he will be happy to meet her family again. Tillu comes there. Shivam asks if he is also Mama, as Sonam calls him Mama. Tillu says I am far relative and that Mama is her own. Tillu asks who is he? Sonam says Shivam. Tillu realizes. Ratna comes there and hides with Tillu. Saavi comes out and asks Shivam to come inside.

She then thinks that Nityam is inside. Shivam tells that he wants Sonam to celebrate birthday and wants her to have his favorite pineapple cake. Saavi asks him to come. Ratna asks Tillu why did he come? Tillu says he wants 65000 Rs. Ratna tells that they don’t have money and asks him to leave immediately else Shivam will trouble him. Tillu pretends to go and then thinks to fool Shivam.

Sonam cuts the cake and makes Shivam have it. Shivam hugs her. Saavi gets happy. Nityam calls Ananya. Shivam asks who is he? Saavi says he is my husband. Shivam says he will meet him, as he is like his younger brother. Sonam says what will you tell, that I used to love you, when I was engaged to him. Shivam says ok, I will meet him later. Sonam and Saavi take Shivam outside.

Nityam comes downstairs and sees pineapple cake. He starts eating it and reminisces his papa celebrating his birthday with them. Vedika says you scold them and also love them. Nityam gets emotional eating the cake and licks his fingers. He gets tears in his eyes.

Nutan sees his emotional side and comes to him. Nityam says he called Ananya for pillow and saw the cake, and started eating. Nutan says don’t know what you saw in cake that you liked it so much. She says she saw a little boy in him, who finds happiness in small things, and says who is straight forward and innocent. She wipes his tears with her pallu and goes to get pillow.

Tillu comes to Shivam and says he came to know that he is searching someone. Shivam says Triloki Jain. Tillu says he will find out and asks for 20000 Rs. Vedika calls Saavi and asks if Nityam is there or gone.

Saavi is in Ananya’s room, and tells that he is here and surprised her. Vedika says your magic worked. Saavi says he mingles with everyone, not with me. She says he is not comfortable with me. Vedika asks her to be the same and asks her to change to Maa from Aunty in her mobile.

Saavi says ok. Nityam couldn’t sleep in night and recalls Ratna’s words. He calls Kiran and says he wants cash in the morning. In the morning, Nityam shows the money bundles to Goels and asks them to get the house repaired with it. Ratna says surely. Brijesh says no. Nutan tells that they can’t take his help. Saavi says they can’t take his help as they spend only their hard earned money. Sonam asks Saavi why she is always egoistic and thinks about her self respect.

She says if Nityam will have respect, if the news come that his sasural don’t have even the chairs. Nityam says I really want to help you. Saavi thinks he will help today and will call me gold digger tomorrow. Nityam thinks why is she refusing a big amount. Vedika comes there and calls them happy Diwali. She asks Saavi if she is ready. She tells that Saavi has to fulfill the responsibilities of her sasural. She asks Nityam to put the cash in the bag and tells that Saavi will not take the help from you and praises her. Nityam asks did you talk to Saavi yesterday.

Vedika says yes. Nutan asks them to understand. Nityam says ok. Vedika tells Saavi that today rasam is important. She asks Nutan to make her drink tea. Nityam tells Saavi that now he knows that why she refused, so that she can impress his mother. Saavi asks do you think that this is my planning. Nityam looks at her and keeps the money back in the bag.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2022
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