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Saavi Ki Savaari 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 18th November 2022 Saavi tells Dimpy about her duty. Vedika tells her that the latter is doing the difficult duties. Nityam tells her that he is leaving for the office. She informs him that today is Akhand Ramayan Path. He tells her that he can’t participate and leaves the house. Saavi follows him and she tells him that whole family members has to participate in the puja. She says that she has duty for him too.

Nityam tells her that she is crossing her limits. He says that he know Dadi testing Saavi. He adds that he don’t want Dadi on Saavi’s side. She tells him that she is doing all this to bring the old Dadi and Vedika’s bond.

He reminds her that all this happening because Vedika brought Saavi to this house. She tells him that she don’t have time to argue with him. He agrees to stay in the house today. He says that he is doing this for Vedika. She tells him that his duty is just making tea. He informs Kiran that he will do work by staying in the house today and goes inside.

Sonam calls Dimpy and thanks her for pendrive. Dimpy asks her to impress Nityam today too. She says that she is sure that Vedika would have invited Goyal family already for Akhand Ramayan Path.

Meanwhile, Brijesh says that Saavi did the right thing by giving the auto to Raju. He says that they have ingredients for whole month. Nutan tells them about Vedika’s invitation. She says that everyone can’t go today. Sonam says that she will go today. Ratna tells her that the latter will stop after becoming Dalmia.

On the other hand, Saavi arranges everything for puja. Nityam sits for the puja. Sonam comes there. Vedika tells her that she is glad the latter came. Sonam praises the decorations. Vedika tells her that Saavi did it alone. Dadi asks Priest that if anything is missing. Priest says that everything is perfect. He asks them to call Saavi because they have to begin the puja on time. Dimpy says that Saavi is not in her room and Saavi is not picking the call too.

Nityam asks Priest that if he can do puja alone. Priest says that they can begin the puja and Saavi can join them when she comes. Vedika wonders that where is Saavi now. Saavi comes there with flowers. She apologizes to them for coming late. Priest praises Saavi for bringing those flowers. Sonam thinks that she can’t see Saavi with Nityam.

Krishna asks Shivam to meet him. Dimpy says that she made pulav using onions because she don’t know we can’t use onions. She convinces Saavi to make pulav. Sonam asks Dimpy that why the latter did it. Dimpy tells her that she did it to stop Saavi from taking rest. Saavi makes pulav. She drinks the tea which Nityam made for his guests. She tells him that she will make tea. After some time, she leaves the kitchen with tea. Nityam notices that she is mixing lot of sugar in tea.


Saavi Ki Savaari 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nityam scolds Saavi for trying to insult him before his guests. He realises that she is sleeping. He pick her up and makes her lay down on their bed and covers her with blanket. Sonam gets jealous seeing that.

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Telecast Date:18th November 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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