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Saavi Ki Savaari 16th November 2022 Episode starts with Saavi seeing Sonam coming to Dalmia office. Sonam says she brought til laddoos for Nityam and her. Saavi says he has stopped having sweets since bhai dooj. Sonam says I will leave then? Saavi says they will eat it as Mama ji wants. She asks Sonam if she will give him lunch at 1:30 pm. Sonam says ok. She thinks this is the good chance. Kiran tells Sonam that yesterday Nityam liked the food made by Saavi. Sonam gets an idea.

UD thinks to taste the food made by Saavi, as Nityam praised it a lot. She serves the food in the plate and couldn’t eat it. She tastes other things also and don’t like it. She drinks water as it is too spicy. She shouts Vedika. Sonam checks the cloth and thinks Saavi gave a chance to her to win Nityam by making him have the food. She enters and says I have brought food for you.

Nityam gets up. UD calls Vedika and tells that Saavi made such food that is non tasty, spicy, salty and oily. She says Nityam praised it to make you happy. Vedika asks Giridhar to bring it, and says she will taste it. UD says it is thrown. Vedika says she knows that this is happening as Saavi is from Poor family, used to drive auto etc. They argue. UD scolds her and asks her not to forget their relation. Dimpy hears and tells that why did Saavi do such a mistake.

Sonam tells Nityam that she has brought tiffin for him and gives him explanation. Nityam asks her to sit and calls Kiran, asks him to give the food to staff sent from Dalmia house. Himesh hears them. Dimpy calls him and tells about UD and Vedika’s argument. Himesh tells Dimpy that Sonam has taken the same food for Nityam, saying she made it .

Saavi shows the contract to Razzak and tells that she will complete her target in 1.5 month instead of 3 months. She gives til laddoos to Razzak and the kids there. Sonam tries to impress Nityam and tells that she has made the food.

Nityam couldn’t eat it and asks did you taste it? Sonam tastes it and says she made bad food. He says you made it right? Sonam says she is cursing herself and asks how can you do such a mistake. Nityam says it seems cooking is not your plus point, says you can have it if you want, but I can’t. Sonam thinks taking credit for Saavi’s work backfired.

UD talks to Dada ji and says she was never bitter. She says she never behaved this way with Vedika, says she is losing a lot of patience. Dada ji asks her to understand her flaws. He says I am happy that you are thinking that something is wrong. UD says the idols have turned dull, it seems something is wrong. Dada ji tells the Ramayan’s words. He asks her to get Ramayan paat at her house for the house peace and answers.

Sonam asks Himesh to let her go, and says I will not stay here. Himesh says I want you to go from here, but Dimpy has some plans to impress him. She asks what plan? Nityam checks the presentation and asks who has deleted the presentation. He says he will find out who has done this. The employees use their own laptops to retrieve it. Sonam asks Nityam if she can help him. Nityam says my best team is trying.

Sonam offers to try and uses Nityam’s computer. He says he wants presentation in 7 mins. He says last 5 mins, then 3 mins. He is about to go. Sonam says she got the PPT. Nityam checks and looks at his team and then at Sonam. She recalls Himesh giving her pendrive asking her to use it to get the Presentation. Nityam gets impressed and asks how do you do it? Sonam says I know to get the lost thing and tells that data retreival is her strong point. She says all the best for your presentation and goes.

Saavi comes home and prays to God, asking him to keep your blessings shower on them. Dimpy thinks Saavi is saved today due to Sonam. Giridhar comes there. Saavi asks did he bring tiffin from Dalmia house. She gets a call and tells that I will meet at 12 am. Dimpy hears and thinks she got a chance to expose her tonight. Later Saavi is going out in night, Dimpy comes downstairs and looks at her hiding.


Saavi Ki Savaari 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :UD tells Vedika that she will take test of Saavi. Vedika goes to call her.

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Telecast Date:16th November 2022
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