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Saavi Ki Savaari 15th November 2022 Episode starts with Himesh seeing Dimpy sleeping on the sofa in the hall and waking her up. She wakes up and asks if Saavi came back home. She asks him to take out his photo and click Saavi’s pic, just as she comes. Saavi is drinking water at the dining table. She says when did she come?

Himesh says may be it was your dream. Dimpy thinks it was not her dream. Saavi thinks if they don’t sleep at night. She comes to the room. Nityam switches on the light and asks where did she go at night.

He says I understand what is your problem? He says you don’t bear AC. He tells that she is so stubborn and roams all night in the house to find non AC place. He covers her with blanket and says if you feel more cold. then I don’t know what to bring for you. Brijesh calls Saavi and tells that Raju brought so much money. Saavi says it is not enough. He says it is 7 am, and you didn’t wake up till now.

He says you are not happy with the good news. Ratna says she will get good sleep in velvet bedsheet. Saavi says I just slept for an hour. She says she slept all night, but feeling like slept for one hour. Tashu comes there and calls Saavi to kitchen. Saavi goes. Brijesh tells that their 2 days expenses will be handled with this money.

Nutan asks Ratna to read Saavi’s letter. Ratna reads it happily that Chattriprasad’s shelter is on them again. Sonam gets irked and says this started again. Brijesh asks her to read it once. Ratna reads it. Sonam thinks Mami changes track. Ratna comes to room and asks Sonam why she is sad? Sonam smiles and says you are palti baaz, and says you got emotional reading her letter. Ratna says they are having food daily due to Saavi.

Sonam says Tillu Mama has derailed me. She influences Ratna to threaten Tillu not to come there. Ratna calls Tillu and threatens to tie him to peepal tree. She tells Sonam that no Tillu will come your way, if you want to become Sonam Nityam Dalmia, no Tillu will come your way.

Saavi thinks where she will get more rides. Vedika comes there and tells Saavi that she has same spark in her eyes like it was on our first meeting. She then asks Saavi to make food for Nityam as he likes it, and jokes. Saavi says she will make. Dimpy tells Himesh that Saavi had went out in night. Himesh says he is going to office.

Dimpy calls Sonam and asks what is she doing? Sonam says she is doing nothing and Saavi is appreciated everywhere. Dimpy tells her that saavi goes out in night. Sonam tells that Saavi’s character is clean and says if you try to ruin it, then you will be ruined yourself.

Dimpy says she will concentrate on Saavi and asks her to go to office and chase Nityam. Saavi is making food in the kitchen and adds double salt. Sonam tells Nutan that they shall give til laddoos to Saavi also, and she will drop the tiffin in Nityam’s house. Saavi packs the tiffin. Giridhar says he will give to Nityam. Saavi says I will take tiffin.

Nityam is workingb on the auto project and asks how can the important information be missing from the presentation. Kiran says I will add this in the presentation. Nityam asks when, after we give presentation. Himesh asks him to take a long breath. Nityam says I will do it, but first I need this investor. Saavi comes there and asks Kiran what was happening. Kiran says our class was going on.

Saavi says she has brought tiffin for Nityam and will serve it. Kiran asks her to wait. Saavi asks Kiran to tell about the map. He tells that there is no transport on outer ring road, there is call centre there and no facility of transport there. Saavi gets an idea to ride auto there and calls Razzak. She then thinks whom to give the tiffin for Nityam. Sonam comes there. Saavi asks her to give tiffin to Nityam and goes. Sonam thinks if Dimpy said right. Saavi meets Razzak.


Saavi Ki Savaari 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonam tells Nityam that she had made extra lunch so thought to have lunch with. Nityam tastes food. Saavi calls her family and tells that they got a very big order. Later she gets a call and tells that she will come at 12. Dimpy hears her and thinks to expose her.

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Telecast Date:15th November 2022
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