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Saavi Ki Savaari 10th November 2022 Episode starts with Brijesh sitting in Chattriprasad and recalling his last meeting with his family. He gets teary eyes. Saavi does the tulsi puja and recalls Brijesh’s words. Vedika calls Saavi and asks her to have tea. Nityam tells Saavi that he didn’t sufffer any loss because of her so smile.

Vedika asks what happened? Nityam says it is between Saavi and me. He leaves for office. Saavi prays to God. Ratna’s mangalsutra breaks. She calls Nutan and gets asthma attack. Nutan asks her not to worry.

Saavi calls Nutan and asks about Brijesh. Nutan says he went with Razzak. Brijesh asks Razzak to go. Razzak says he will wait till he takes the stuff. Brijesh says he will call him after taking it. Razzak says ok. Nutan informs Saavi that he went to get the raw materials. She asks if everything is fine. Saavi says yes.

Vedika tells Saavi that she will go to bank. She asks why is she worried? Saavi says she is feeling worried. Vedika says Bittu’s tiffin needs to be given. Saavi says she will make. Vedika asks her to send tiffin at 1 pm. Saavi calls Razzak and asks if Mama is with me. Razzak tells that he has dropped Mama. Saavi asks him to reach there, where he had dropped him.

Razzak says ok. brijesh starts his wheel chair. Saavi runs and collides with Giriraj. She comes out and asks guard to ask driver to take out car. Guard says no car is available. Saavi imagines Brijesh coming infront of truck. She comes to road and asks auto to drive the auto. He says I can’t ride the auto.

Saavi says she will ride and takes his auto. She covers her face and sees Nityam in the car going. Brijesh comes to the road and is about to get hit by the truck, but Saavi hits his wheel chair lightly and saves him from getting hit by the truck. She confronts him and asks why did he think of doing this. He says he is a burden and says he would have help the family with the insurance family.

Saavi says he is their strength and tells that money is not everything. She asks why you didn’t tell anything to me. if anything had happened then I would have never forgive myself, do you want us to die. Brijesh says no. Saavi tells that she has to take a big step after his accident and tells that he is her courage and strength. She says you are fighter and our everything after Papa left.

They cry. Saavi gets call from Razzak and he tells that he couldn’t find Mama. Saavi says she found him. She tells Brijesh that she will leave her marriage and sasural and will keep eye on him. Brijesh promises that he will not do such thing again. Saavi says if bad thought comes in your mind. He says I will tell you.

He asks her not to tell anyone about it, else they will get worried. Saavi asks him never to lose hope and asks him to become example for the world. She says he shall not accept defeat and will be defeated but if gives up. He says he has understood and wants her to be his mother in next birth. He apologizes. Saavi hugs him. He cries. Saavi also cries.

Nutan fixes Ratna’s mangalsutra and gives her. Ratna wears it and completes her tulsi puja. Saavi gives candy floss to brijesh and they have it together. Razzak comes there and says I searched all market. Saavi tells Razzak that Mama has forgotten the way, but I brought him on the right track. She asks Razzak to take full rent from Mama. She asks Razzak if he will have candy floss. He says no,

his mother must be waiting for having food and says it is 12:30 pm. Saavi recalls Vedika asking her to send Nityam’s tiffin. Vedika comes to know from Giridhar that Saavi didn’t send him tiffin. Vedika says how she can be so careless. Dimpy thinks to instigate UD. Saavi comes to her house and starts making food. She serves the food in the tiffin and tells Ratna and Nutan. Nityam asks Kiran to get him served tiffin.


Saavi Ki Savaari 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : UD scolds Vedika for Saavi’s careless behavior. Saavi comes to Nityam’s office with his tiffin.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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