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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th January 2021 Police and shop salesman threaten Gehna to tell whose credit card she stole or else they will throw her in jail. Gehna pleads that she is not lying as this card belongs to her husband. Constable says looking at her clothes, this card doesn’t look like of her husband. Anant enters and warns to leave his wife as its his card and he gave her this card for shopping. He asks Gehna why didn’t she call him after so much happened and asks salesman why didn’t he call him and confirmed before calling police. Salesman apologizes and says she entered wrong pin. Police walk away apologizing them. Anant asks Gehna why did she enter wrong pin. Gehna says she entered right pin and repeats it. He says its wrong pin and asks to show the paper he gave her. She remembers Kanak changing it in lieu of writing shop address and tells Anant that she lost it. Salesman shows them saris. Gehna requests Anant t buy Saris for Baa, Hiral, Kanak, and Hema from here and some cheap ones from other shop. He asks her to try his selected sari first. At home, Hema yells while preparing food. Kanak pours in chilli powder in food. Hema says Bapuji’s mouth will burn now. Kanak says he will realize that he shouldn’t force elder bahus to work. Hema says Bapuji will feel the heat here and Gehna in shop. Gehna comes out wearing saris. Anant buys sari for her, Baa, Hiral, Kanak, and Hema take leaves shop with her.

Before starting lunch, Paresh tells Bapuji that he is lucky to have elder bahus’ prepared food. Bapuji smiles. Paresh tastes food and says its amazing. Bapuji asks why they added so much chilli and salt. Kanak says its because they haven’t prepared food before. Baa enters and says they would learn if they try and tells Bapuji that she will prepare food for him now. Gehna with Anant enters and says she will prepare food. Anant tells Baa that he bought saris for her, Hiral, Kanak and Hema on Gehna’s insistence. Baa yells that he told he is going to office and inst4ead went to shopping with Gehna, he has become joru ka gulam/wife’s servant; she will never wear Gehna’s bought sari. Anant says her son bought it and gives it to her. Gehna gives saris to Kanak and Hema. Hema tells Kanak that this sari is more costlier than she wears. Paresh tells Baa that she should be happy that house’s Laxmi brought sari for her. Bapuji also praises Gehna and says if she is preparing food, Hema and Kanak will clean the house. Paresh says he is right, leaving Hema and Kanak fuming. After sometime, Kanak with Hema enters Gehna’s room and throwing her saris bags in front of her asks how dare she is to bring saris for her. Hema says Kanak changed card pin. Gehna asks why she hates her so much that she changed card pin. Kanak asks if she dared to speak in front of her and asking answer. Gehna says she needs her love and not answer, why she is angry on her. Hema says they are not afraid of her love, but people loving her; when she came here, everyone used to praise Kanak and now they praise only Gehna. Kanak says what is in duffer Gehna that she can compete with her. Gehna says she doesn’t want to compete but see them happy. Kanak walks away followed by Hema. Gehna thinks everything will be alright soon.

Paresh tells Anant that he did good that he reached sari shop on time. Anant says even Gehna should change herself and not let others insult her, she is intelligent and true hearted. Paresh asks if he loves her. Anant says no as he loved only Radhika and love will not happen again. Paresh says is this truth at present, if he knows what will happen in the future. Anant says he knows, he can respect Gehna as a wife but cannot love her.

Family sits for dinner. Gehna wears pallu before serving food. Anant asks why she is wearing pallu. Kanak says Gehna is a bahu and should follows a bahu’s rules . Anant says in that sense Kanak and Hema should also wear pallu, if its a question of respect, nobody shows respect more than Gehna in this house. Bapuji says Gehna is a daughter before bahu and she need not wear pallu. Anant asks Gehna to obey Bapuji. Gehna removes pallu, leaving Kanak her team fuming. Bapuji asks Gehna to sit with them and have finner. Kanak gets up and says if Gehna sits here, she will not.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna sits on kitchen floor to have food. Anant sits with her. Bapuji says respect is gained with deed and Gehna proved it today, so he will have food with his son and DIL. Paresh sits with him saying where Ram, there is Laxman.Tia joins them. Baa seeing that asks what is happening in her house.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2020
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