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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th January 2021 Anant asks Gehna to get ready for sari shopping. Gehna says there is a lot of work pending. He asks how will she work in yesterday’s stale clothes, there are bhabhis to do household chores. Kanak hears their conversation. At home temple, Baa sees Hema preparing lamp threads wrongly and teaching her says she can’t do it properly, if Gehna would have.. Kanak ent4rs and says she is right, Gehna would have done it properly, but she doesn’t want to work at all; she heard Gehna badmouthing about Baa in their room. Hema says how can Gehna badmouth about their mother-like Baa, there is nothing wrong if Baa scolds them. Kanak says Gehna told she doesn’t have any saris to wear, Anant is so innocent and agreed to take her for shopping. Hema reminisces stealing Gehna’s saris and says Anant is holding Gehna’s pallu now. Kanak says Baa’s younger son is not hers now. Gehna gets ready for shopping. Anant takes her out when Baa stops them and tells Anant that she wants to visit Shiv mandir with him to perform pooja for him. He says but.. She says she is waiting for him in his office car and he should come soon. Gehna says he should go with Baa to temple. He says he will send her then with Tia. She reminisces auto accident and says she didn’t go out till now. He says he has to go out some time and its time for her to become self-sufficient. He gives his credit card to use and noting down card pin on a paper gives it to her explaining how to use it and warns not to reveal it to anyone; asks not to go by bus and to take a cab. She nods yes.

While traveling in temple, Anant asks Baa why she made a sudden plan of visiting Shiv mandir. Baa says she had informed him long ago, then why is he asking it, he must have not questioned Gehna when she insisted for sari shopping. He says she needed sari as she was wearing stale sari and Baa scolded her. Baa says Gehna complained agaianst her already. He says Gehna never complains against anyone and asks who told her about it. She says Gehna is acting as boss of the house with Bapuji’s lenience, but she never gives leniance to her; asks if he thinks if she did wrong by scolding Gehna for entering temple with stale sari. Anant says new maid stole her saris, so she entered temple with stale saris. Baa says why didn’t he inform her before, they would have brought her along. He says he gave her credit card for shopping. She says he is trusting her too much. He says even she trusted her and gave her whole house’s responsibility. She thinks she doesn’t trust Gehna anymore. He thinks her trust on Gehna will return soon.

Kanak sees Gehna going out and asks where is she going. Gehna says she is going for sari shopping with Anant’s permission. Kanak asks how is she going. Gehna says via taxi. Hema says there is a lot of conning in taxis now a days, so she should go by bus; asks if she is carrying money for shopping. Gehna says Anant gave his credit card and pin code on a paper. Hema thinks her husband gets her street saris, but their maid is getting showroom saris. Kanak in lieu of writing down shop address on paper changes pin code while Hema cuts Gehna’s pallu from behind. Once Gehna leaves, Hema says now Gehna will look like a maid, Kanak says she changed pin code. Gehna reaches shop where salesman seeing her torn sari thinks her as servant and says she doesn’t get 200-400 rs saris here. Gehna says Kanak bhabhi gave her this shop’s address. Shop owner asks if she has money to shop. Gehna nods yes. Anant’s friend whom Anant slapped for insulting Gehna enters with his wife and sees Gehna there. At home, Kanak thinks Gehna must have faced humiliation by now. Hema thinks they are feeling so hungry, when will Gehna return and prepare food. Bapuji with Paresh calls Gehna to serve food once she prepares it. Hema says Gehna has gone out for shopping without cooking. Paresh asks them to cook then. Kanak agrees and thinks she will prepares such a food that they will never ask her to prepare food again.

Gehna buys a sari and gives her credit card to pay bill. She enters card pin in machine, but it fails. Owner asks if she stole her owner’s card. Gehna says its her husband’s. Owner asks to tell the truth or else he will call the police. Anant’s friend thinks of taking revenge and tells salesman that she knows where this maid works and gives Anant’s number. Salesman calls Anant and informs that his card is stolen. Anant rushes into car thinking Gehna must be in trouble.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanak throws back Gehna’s gifted saris on her and shouts how dare she is to bring saris for her.Hema says Kanak had changed pin code, even then? Gehna asks Kanak why she hates her so much.

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Telecast Date:8th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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