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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th May 2021 Hema sees Kanak hiding behind Sai and tells Gehna that Baa is calling her and she should go down soon. Gehna says she cannot face Baa as she spoilt Baa’s pihar/mother’s gifted sari; Sari was fine when she left it on rope, but don’t know how it got spoilt. Hema says its grease stains and still fresh, so she can remove them if she tries and takes her away looking at Kanak. Kanak meets Radhika and nervously informs that Hema saw her behind sari and is supporting Gehna a lot these days. Radhika says Hema will inform Gehna that Kanak applied grease on Baa’s sari.

Kanak says she is not tensed about that but is worried if Hema informs Baa all her heinous acts, her respect in Desai family will be lost then; she cannot understand what is going in Hema’s mind and what is she planning. Hema walks to Kanak and says it was all her planning and she will expose her true face in front of Baa and expose her truth, her planning is not dud like their planning and is fool proof like grease; what if she informs Baa her whole truth. Kanak gets more tensed. Hema asks not to get tensed as her planning is not for her but vaidi chapli Gehna.

Kanak gets happy hearing that. Hema says she needs strong planning to punish Gehna; when she saw her bhaila Sagar alleging Gehna, she realized that Gehna is taking revenge from them as she knows her bhaila’s eyes cannot lie; Gehna helped her during Mrs Surat contest and gained her support, then she targeted Sagar; she now realized it was Gehna’s plan to punish them; Gehna punished Sagar, and Kanak, and Sagar and she will punish Gehna before her turn comes; Gehna has to pay for her sins, they should wait and watch how will her bhaila trouble Gehna and help Radhika reunite with Anant. She tells Radhika that she sent Sagar to disturb Radhika and Anant so that Anant gets irriated and close the door. Radhika claps and praises her. Kanak welcomes her back to the gang. Hema says let us start their gehna ujadu/destroying mission, performs garbha with them, and says let us go and watch Gehna’s failure of love story.

Tia asks Bapuji why he taunts Baa for her fold stuff. Bapuji says Baa loves her pihar stuff and has filled her house with it. Hiral says Baa loves her silk sari and its her pride. Baa says she will wear it once Gehna washes and gives it to her. Gehna serves tea to everyone. Hema thinks Gehna hasn’t yet informed Baa about sari and tells Baa that she is happy that Baa forgave Gehna, Gehna was crying a lot. Baa asks why. Hema asks if Gehna didn’t inform that her sari is spoilt. Baa asks Gehna to bring her sari. Hema tells Baa that her sari is spoilt with grease stains. Gehna returns Baa’s sari. Baa panics. Hiral yells why did Gehna spoil Baa’s sari. Baa cries that Gehna spoilt her mother’s favorite sari; why did she ask to trust her and give her sari to her, what happened to her trust now. Gehna apologizes Baa and says she doesn’t know how rope broke.

Kanak yells if she is so dumb that she didn’t realize that there was water tank work on terrace and purposefully spoilt Baa’s sari. Hiral yells that she intentionally brought Sagar to take revenge from him and beat him black and blue and today smeared Baa’s sari blue, she has changed after become Mrs Surat and conspires something or other everyday, etc. Tia confronts her to stop alleging Gehna. Hiral yells back at her. Paresh says sari is spoilt as rope broke. Hiral replies that Gehna does mistake always and shouldn’t be blamed. Kanak tells Gehna that she enjoys seeing family insulting Gehna and sentimental Gehna gets more hurt with their taunts. Hema says she will make Gehna humiliated with family’s taunts as she brutally hit her bhaila and made him cry. Kanak thinks Hema shouldn’t know that she hit her baila, else she will hit her with stick.

Baa unable to bear allegations and counter-allegations shouts to shut up. Gehna apologizes her agai and pleads her to let her clean the sari. Baa denies. Anant asks Baa to let Gehna clean the sari when she spoilt it. Baa agrees. Gehna tries her best cleaning sari and cries thinking how will she clean the stains. Anant gives her baking soda to clean the stain and wiping her tears asks not to lose hope and see how stains will vanish. She uses baking soda on sari. Anant applies soap lather on her nose. She smiles. He rubs baking soda on sari with brush and shows stain free sari. Gehna gets happy and gets up open tap, slips and opens shower instead. Anant holds her and water falls on them. They get engrasped in each other’s eyes. Sagar enters and jumps saying he didn’t see that pappa saved mamma from falling. Gehna and Anant smile.

Radhika enjoying snacks with Kanak and Hema tells them that after a long time Anant praised her like before. Kanak says this is just the beginning, wait and watch what happens next. Sagar rushes in and informs them how Gehna slipped and Anant held her under shower. Radhika gets jealous hearing that.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th May 2021 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanak provokes Sagar to punish whoever does wrong with him. He throws ball at Gehna while she is busy cooking with Hiral. Hiral shouts instead.

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Telecast Date:7th May 2021
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