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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th June 2021 Anant and Gehna search Kanak and get worried not finding her, leaving her jewelry bag and food plate. Baa asks Gehna what happened. Anant informs that Kanak is not here. Family walks out. Gehna informs that Kanak left her jewelry bag and went somewhere. Baa worried calls Pankaj. Gehna calls Kanak and finds her phone ringing inside house. Anant rushes in and finds mobile on sofa. Pankaj cries hearing that and asks where did his Kanak baby go.

Anant and Chetan console him. Hiral calls Kanak’s friends. Hema cries saying Kanak was her bestfriend and they were always together, Kanak protected her and took blame only her, and she prays god to send back Kanak. Sagar consoles her. Next morning, Gehna and Anant search Kanak in the surroundings showing her photo. Anant cries and says Pankaj won’t be alive if something happens to Kanak, blames himself and says he just wanted to expose Kanak’s wrongdoings and never wanted to her to be out of house. Kanak consoles him and says if he loses hope, who will handle family; he should return home and inform them truth; its a storm of emotions and he has to fight and win over it.

Baa consoles Pankaj and says its not his mistake that he kicked Kanak out of house for her mistake, even he didn’t have food when Kanak didn’t, nobody knew Kanak would leave like this. Gehna and Anant return home. Pankaj asks if they found out Kanak. Gehna says they searched Kanak everywhere and didn’t find her. Chetan says let us call Kanak’s parents and find out if she came there. Paresh backs him.

Pankaj thinks his Kanak must have definitely gone there. He calls his MIL Jigna and asks if Kanak came there. She says she didn’t and says Kanak stays with him, so he should be knowing where she is; if they fought. He says no and disconnected calls. She gets worried and calls him back, but he disconnects call; she thinks if Kanak went somewhere. Hiral asks where did Kanak go. Pankaj’s BP falls down. Sapan asks Gehna to bring him lemon juice. Gehna brings lemon juice. Anant feeds him. Gehna reminisces Pankaj kicking Kanak out of house and prays Kanhaji to send Kanak back home and keep her safe wherever she is.
Kanak walks on road reminiscing the indicent.

Next morning, Gehna serves food to family and says nobody didn’t have anything yet, they will fall ill if they don’t have anything. Bapuji with Paresh returns from police complaint and says he filed Kanak’s missing complaint. Gehna consoles Baa that Kanak will return soon. Hema fumes that Kanak left house because of Gehna, Gehna should be punished for sending this family’s villain out of house. Chetan hearing her says he knows she is Kanak’s partner in crime and should stop getting jealous of Gehna. Gehna hopes they will get Kanak’s news soon. Inspector calls Paresh and asks if he filed his bahu’s missing complaint. Paresh says yes. Inspector says a woman met with an accident and her body resembles what they described, so he should come and confirm if its Kanak.

Pankaj shatters hearing that and says it can be his Kanak. Family consoles him. Jigna enters asking where is her daughter, whose accident policeman was talking about. Bapuji explains her what happened. Jigna asks where did Kanak go. Paresh says they all searched for her and filed police complaint, they just got a call that police found a dead body and called them to confirm if its Kanak. Jigna slaps Pankaj and threatens Desai family that she will send them to jail if something happens to Kanak. Gehna prays Kanhaji to protect Kanak wherever she is and send her back home. Family reaches accident venue to identify dead body. They all stand shocked seeing dead body.

Precap: Jigna tortures Gehna and blames that she ruined Kanak’s life.

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Telecast Date:7th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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