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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th January 2021 Anant with Geha drives car towards home. Gehna reminisces Anant’s friend misbehaving with her and Anant punching him. She says she shouldn’t have attended party. He says its his mistake that he didn’t tell his friend Dev that she is his wife when she visited office. She says he had to bear insult today because of her. He says her dignity is saved tough and her dignity is his dignity now. They reach home. He helps her remove seat belt and reaching room asks her not to inform family, especially Baa, about what happened in party. At night, Sagar walks to new maid and giving him money asks to leave silently after finishing her work. Thief thinks these people are weird to give her money to steal in their own house. She steals utensils and one falls down. Gehna wakes up hearing sound, rushes down, and seeing thief catches her and shouts thief, calls Anant and others. Anant hearing her voice walks out and seeing Gehna holding a thief rushes down. Sagar fumes thinking Anant spoilt his plan again. Kanak wakes up hearing Gehna’s voice and wakes up Pankaj, but he doesn’t. She pushes him from bed and walks down, he follows her. Maid injures Gehna’s wrist and runs away. Anant holds Gehna. Sagar helps maid escape. Family gathers, Baa asks what happened. Gehna says a thief had come. Anant says Gehna had caught thief, but thief escaped.

Kanak thinks her next plan starts and says their new maid is missing, which Bapuji hired in the morning. Hema enters and starts her drama, holding knife. Paresh takes knife from her saying she is late. Baa asks to check if thief stole jewelry. Bapuji says Gehna didn’t let that happen. Anant says he will call police. Kanak and Sagar get tensed hearing that. Chetan noticing their faces think if they hired that thief. Kanak says not to call police as she hired maid, she means Bapuji hired maid and police will question why did they hire a maid without document verification. She then asks who will do household chores now. Gehna says she will do it. Kanak says she doesn’t have to and should rest while she and Hema do household chores. Gehna says she will as its right. Bapuji says everyone has equal rights. Gehna insists. Bapuji says looks like she has more right. Baa angrily walks away, and whole family disperses. Kanak informs Pankaj that she had hired that thief.

Tia holds Gehna’s hand and sees her wrist injury when she writhes in pain. Anant does her bandage and asks not to do the stunt again, what if thief had killed her. Gehna says she doesn’t repent losing life for dear ones. Next morning, she opens her trunk thinking its time for Baa’s pooja and she should change sari and go. She finds all her saris missing and thinks Baa says gangajal purifies anything, so she will bathe and wear same sari sprinkling gangajal on it. She rushes to home temple after bathe and sprinkling Gangajal on sari cleans temple. Baa enters and seeing Gehna’s yesterday’s sari angrily calls Hema and Kanak shouts who let Gehna into temple with yesterday’s sari and orders them to send Gehna out. Hema sends Gehna away. Gehna runs from there crying. Paresh enters and noticing that suggests Baa to let Hema and Kanak clean the temple. Baa says his suggestion is right and asks Hema and Gehna to clean the temple. They both agree frowning. Gehna runs to her room crying. Anant asks reason. She explains what happened in detail. He asks where did her saris go. She says thief must have stolen them. He asks her not to worry as he will buy her new saris. Kanak hearing that thinks her plan failed and instead of Gehna’s insult, she is getting support, so she has to plan something else now.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anant gives his credit card to Gehna to buy saris and explains how to use it. Gehna buys sari and forgets card pin. Salesmaan thinking her as thief calls police who insists to tell whose card she stole or else he will put her in jail.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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