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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th May 2021 Kanak fumes in front of Radhika that she brought Radhika in this house to get back her lost glory to dobi duffer Gehna, she is tired of hearing dobi duffer’s praises 24 x 7, she wanted to show dobi duffer’s place and get back Anant to Radhika, but dobi duffer spoilt everything. Radhika says they should push Gehna from terrace and kill her. Kanak asks if she has gone mad, she doesn’t want to take anyone’s life and just wants her position and Radhika’s Anant back. Radhika says let us introduce a new hero in Gehna’s life. Kanak says Gehna considers Anant as super hero and will not look at even Varun Dhawan. Radhika says they should send her to pilgrimage then. Kanak denies and continues shouting that even Sagar is troubling them now. Sagar enters and says its play time now. She thinks surely dobi duffer must have sent him here and asks him to go and play himself. Sagar insists. Radhika stops her. Kanak reminisces Baa giving Sagar’s responsibility to her and agrees to play with him. Radhika fumes she doesn’t know what to do with Gehna. Sagar runs and asks Kanak to catch him. Kanak gets tired and sits. Sagar insists her to bring him juice. She leaves fuming and thinking dobi duffer is taking revenge from her. Gehna watching her hiding thinks she is teaching her a lesson.

Gehna sees Baa taking her old saris to wash and informing Bapuji about it. She asks Baa to let her wash her saris. Baa emotionally says these saris are gifted by her Baa and it has memories of her Baa, so she herself will wash them. Gehna says mother and daughter’s relationship is special, it doesn’t end even if daughter goes to her sasural. Baa emotionally says even she will perform hand work on saris and gift them to Tia to make her feel near her always. Gehna requests her to let her wash saris and make her feel that she gave it to decorate her Baa’s memories. Baa hesitantly agrees and asks her not to spoil them or she her heart will break. Kanak hearing their conversation thinks Baa’s heart will break into pieces now. Sagar walks to her and singing a poem shows her potato. Kanak thinks good Sagar brought her here to play and made her watch this drama. She goes to play with Sagar. Baa jokes with Baa that she is conserving her old and broken items till now. Baa says those are her parents’ gifts and she will never part ways with them. Gehna says Baa is right and then gets emotional saying she doesn’t even have her parent’s house, so she will consider Baa’s memories as both her parent’s and sasural’s memories.

Kanak returns to Radhika and says Baa cannot conserve her parents’ memories as she will spoil Baa’s saris. She asks Radhika to lure Anant while she ruins Baa’s saris. Kanak thinks she will see how will Anant escape from her charm. She wears a beautiful sari. Anant walks to her and says she is looking pretty, their work is pending due to her knee injury and should complete it. She agrees and sits with him. He shows her quotations on laptop. She lets her hair fee and then apologizing says she will tie them. He says its okay as she is looking good. Sagar enters searching new mamma and asks baal wali aunty Radhika if its her birthday that she is ready. Anant asks him to go and search new mamma. Sagar says he will gift a toy car to baal wali aunty on her birthday. Sagar sends him away and locks door. Radhika asks why did he lock the door, what if Gehna misunderstands. He says its okay and asks if she is thinking how will she escape from his charm and won’t be able to concentrate on her job. Radhika gets nervous. Anant says he is joking, let us get back to work. Radhika gets happy that her love life started again due to Kanak and hopes Gehna falls down so badly that she becomes silent forever.

Gehna washes Baa’s sari and dries them on terrace over ropes thinking Baa will be happy seeing her clean sari; this new generation thinks these saris are old fashioned, but even now a daughter conserves her mother’s saris securely in her cupboard; gets sad that she doesn’t have any memmories, then thinks Baa’s memories are her memories and goes to cook food. Kanak enters and applies grease on floor to spoil saris and picks scissors to cut the rope and make saris fall on grease. Gehna realizes one sari is left in bucket and walks back to terrace. Kanak cuts rope and falls between sari, hiding herself. Gehna gets tensed seeing saris in grease, not noticing Kanak hiding between other sari (a big joke). She cries thinking what will she tell Baa now, she spoilt Baa’s most pleasant memories; thinks how did rope break and grease come here. She takes sari to wash and hearing sound returns towards sari. Kanak gets tensed that if she is caught, she will fall low in family’s eyes and she shouldn’t let that happen. Gehna removes sari and is about to see Kanak when Hema calls her and notices Kanak there. Kanak signals Hema not to inform Gehna.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th May 2021 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sagar informs Kanak that old mamma Gehna slipped in bathroom and papa held her like a hero. Radhika gets jealous hearing that.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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