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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th July 2022 Sikandar tells Karthik that the partition rules don’t work on him and tries to lure him with chocolates. Karthik says he doesn’t need chocolates and returns to Shreya.

Sikandar yells at Gehna for manipulating Gehna. Gehna says tricks are elder’s nature but not children’s, children get attracted to the true people. Sikandar wants her that she cannot separate him from his son and threatens to seek his son’s custody via court.

Gehna says children’s heart is own by loyalty and love and if shows his love for his son, his son will return to him. She takes everyone along to cut Shreya’s birthday cake. Surya asks Sikandar to mend his ways before its too late.

Shreya feels happy seeing Karthik playing with Surya and says Karthik likes Surya since childhood, she is sure Surya would become a good father. Urmila calls Karthik to come and have dinner. Sikandar also calls Karthik, but he sits at Gehna’s side. Shreya serves parantha to Karthik.

Karthik refuses to have plain parantha. Gehna smears butter and jam on paratha and makes a roll for him. Karthik likes it. Surya gets lost looking at Gehna. Shakuni asks him to pass on curd and asks if he doesn’t want to go to office today. Surya says he took leave today to play with Karthik.

Karthik asks Gehna to stay back and play with him and Surya. Gehna says her boss will scold her if she doesn’t go to work. Karthik thanks her for reuniting him with his mother. Urmila says the house is full of happiness with the kid’s entry and all thanks to Gehna for that. Surya looks at Gehna.

Suhani scolds Sikandar for his misbehavior. Sikandar says he feels sad losing his son. Shakuni says he can get Karthik on his side by luring him with toys. Ridhima informs them that Shreya is taking Karthik to a park alone, its the best opportunity to get Karthik on their side. Gehna gets busy at work.

Agastya looks at her and imagines romancing hr. Gehna gets out of his imagination and asks what is he thinking. He says nothing. She asks if there is any news from court regarding RTI approval and if everything goes according to their plan, Arjun will be out of jail. Agastya says Sikandar will be culprit again and will be charged twice if Arjun is proven innocent.

Gehna says they can convince Sikandar to be witness in busting drug mafia and she is sure he will agree for Karthik’s sake. Agastya asks if she brought Karthik home with this idea. Gehna says she brought him for Shreya, but she is sure Sikandar would melt down for his son.

She calls Shreya who gets busy chatting with her while Suhani and Sikandar’s goon abducts Karthik and takes him to them. Shreya panics not finding Karthik. Gehna hearing her says she is sure Sikandar and Suhani abducted Karthik.

Karthik resists and pleads to let him go back to mamma. Police van passes by and noticing Karthik crying stops the car and asks Sikandar and Suhani if they abducted the boy. Sikandar says he is taking his son Karthik back to hostel. Karthik cries that he wants to return to mummy.

Inspector asks him to take the boy back to his mother and gets into the car. Back home, Gehna comforts Shreya while Sikandar and Sarika try to call Suhani and Sikandar. Inspector brings Karthik home.

Karthik happily runs and hugs Shreya. Sikandar says he is Karthik’s father and Suhani is his grandmother. Inspector asks Shreya if Karthik is Sikandar’s son. Gehna agrees and thanks him for ensuring Karthik’s safety. Inspector says there are increasing cases of child kidnapping these days, so he got suspicious. He leaves with his team.

Shreya slaps Sikandar and warns him to dare not touch her son again and challenges to prove in the court that he is a threat to her son. Gehna confronts Suhani for showing a wrong path to her son and acting as his enemy. Surya says Gehna is right and says she get bring Karthik on their side with love and not by abducting him.

Shreya says she will not tolerate injustice, she may be a weak woman but not a weak mother. She asks Gehna if she can get her divorce from Sikandar and Karthik’s full custody from court as her birthday gift. Gehna says she can do anything to separate Karthik from his monster father. She tells Sikandar that he stooped so low by doing this heinous act today and asks him to ask Karthik if he needs a father like him.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna and Sura attend divorce hearing where judge asks them to take some more time if they want to. Suhani emotionally blackmails Surya.Surya announces to divorce Gehna.

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Telecast Date:6th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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