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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th June 2021 Anant tells Kanak that Gehna would have shown her confession recording to police and sent her to jail, but she doesn’t want that as she cares for family which Bapaji and Baa are keeping united with great efforts. He says when there is a storm, whole trees is uprooted and not just leaves. Pankaj walks away. Kanak holds Baa’s feet and pleads to forgive her. Baa asks to apologize Gehna whom he troubled so much. Kanak pleads Gehna to forgive her and promises not to trouble her again. Pankaj returns and says she needs wealth than forgiveness and giving her jewelry says he didn’t think she would stoop so low for money and try to ruin his brother’s life.

Anant asks him to calm down. Pankaj says this is his Kanak baby whom he blindly obeyed and became a joru ka gulam/wife’s servant, he did so much for her and instead of being loyal to him, she backstabbed him and spilled venom on his family. He tells Baa that he failed today, Kanak cannot live without creating conspiracies, so she should get out of this house. Anant requests not to do that. Kanak pleads not to kick her out of house.

Chetan says not only Kanak, Hema also betrayed them by supporting Kanak, so even she should go out of house. Hema pleads not to so that as she will die without family. She blames Kanak for all the conspiracies, she is not involved in it, and became a scapegoat; she just blindly trusted and followed Kanak and takes her children’s oath. Kanak says Hema is telling truth that she didn’t do anything, thinks Hema said half truth, but since she took children’s false oath, she forgives her. Pankaj drags Kanak out of house warning family if they stop him, he will leave the house instead. He shuts the door on Kanak while she pleads to forgive her. Gehna requests Pankaj next. Pankaj says he heard a lot, not any more. Family walks away. Kanak pleads each family member to let her in. Anant and Gehna feel bad for her, but walk in. Kanak sits crying remembering Pankaj kicking her out of house.

At night, Gehna arranges dinner on table and tells Anant that she knows situation is bad at home and hence nobody came to have dinner, but they cannot leave family in pain and should handle them. She goes to call Pankaj. Pankaj opens window and looks at Kanak. Kanak notices him, and he shuts window. Gehna walks to him. He apologizes Gehna on Kanak’s behalf. Gehna says he is elder and should apologize her, she knows he is in pain. He says he is not a devdas to be sad for a person who doesn’t his family’s love. He says he is hungry and joins family. Paresh asks Baa and Bapuji to have something. Gehna serves food to everyone. Anant tries to console Anant, Anant cries vigorously. Pankaj and Paresh console him. Baa cries that her house shattered. Others console her, and Anant says her house is not shattered and just children are separated, everything will be alright soon.

Gehna runs to her room crying. Anant follows her and offers kerchief to wipe her tears. She says she never thought this would happen, Kanak made mistakes continuously and if they had not stopped her, don’t know what she would have done further; she never thought Pankaj will kick Kanak out of house. Anant says even he didn’t think that would happen, Pankaj is in deep pain, he doesn’t know what should he do. Gehna says she knows what to do and takes food for Kanak. Kanak turns her face angrily.

Gehna ask her to have food and gets back in. Kanak looks at jewelry bag. Gehna gathers family and pleads them to keep the family united and let Kanak back in. Pankaj says Kanak made a sin and should be punished, so she will not return home. Gehna says Kanak is this house’s elder bahu and laxmi and they cannot let her out like this; she reminds Baa that family shatters when differences creep up, so they should solve their differences among themselves. She pleads Pankaj again to bring Kanak back in. Pankaj walks away to do whatever they want. Bapuji backs Gehna and asks her to bring Kanak in. Gehna and Anant go out to bring Kanak in and see her missing, leaving jewelry bag and food plate there.


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Telecast Date:5th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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