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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th January 2021 Baa orders Gehna that she will go to Anant’s office with tiffin. Kanak and Hema smirk hearing that and walk away with Baa. Tia says Baa is adamant like a kid, she will accompany Gehna. Gehna reminisces Baa’s warning that she will not have even water until Anant finishes his tiffin, asks Tia to let her go alone and inform Anant’s office address. Tia gives her office map and auto fair and warns her not to take any help from strangers. Sagar hearing that thinks he didn’t know that he would get a chance to take revenge from Gehna so soon. Anant reaches office where his old colleague and friend welcomes him and says he wanted to surprise him, asks about Anant. Anant stops. Friend asks if he remembering his would be wife, says he has a surprise in his cabin. He takes him to cabin, shows his and Radhika’s photo frame, and walks away saying he will meet him during lunch. Anant reminisces Radhika requesting him to divorce Gehna and thinks he needs to forget his past, but can he really forget Radhika. He keeps photo down and thinks will he be able to give Radhika’s place to Gehna. Gehna waits for auto when Sagar reaches there and sends his puppet auto driver. Gehna asks puppet auto driver if he will go to Vasu road and leaves in his auto. SAgar with his loud expressions thinks his puppet will take Gehna where he wants to.

Paresh joins family to have tea and calls Gehna to get him pakoras. Tia informs him that Gehna went to Aannt’s office with tiffin on Baa’s order. Paresh stands shocked. Bapuji says even he is shocked when he came to know about it and asks Baa how she sent Gehna out. Baa says her son went to office hungry, why didn’t Gehna prepare breakfast for him. Bapuji says she must have been busy in some work. Baa asks if she has to take his permission for every work. He says she knows that he never sent Gehna out of house, what if she gets lost. Pankaj says she learn if she goes out often, its a small issue. Bapuji says he didnt’ send Gehna out in 5 years. Baa says she wants Gehna to be competent like other bahus. Kanak tries to interfere, but Bapuji warns her not to interfere. He tells Baa that she should also tell her other bahus to do household chores like Gehna and Gehna will not work alone from today.

Gehna looking at map gets suspicious and asks auto driver if he is taking wrong route. Driver says he is on right track. Gehna thinks Tia told that there are many big offices around Anant’s office, what should she do. Sagar’s bike stops and over phone orders driver to reach his said destination. Gehna insists driver to stop the auto, but he doesn’t and increases speed saying he is taking short cut. Gehna thinks she needs to return home soon after giving Anant’s tiffin as Baa will not have anything till then. Auto hits a stone and stumbles down. People rush to them and get them out. Gehna says she needs to reach Vasu road. Someone informs that she came in a wrong direction. Gehna walks away. Sagar fumes that he missed taking revenge from Gehna again. At home, Kanak informs her team that she will not obey Bapuji’s order and will force Gehna to continue doing household chores.

Gehna reaches Anant’s office. Peon asks whom she wants to meet. She says Anant. He asks her to wait and goes to inform Anant, he informs Anant that a maid brought him food from home. Gehna follows him. He asks why did she come here and asks her to come in. Anant’s friend walks away asking him to have lunch. Anant asks Gehna why did she come here and who sent her here. She says Baa didn’t have food yet. Tia calls him and asks if he had food. Anant asks who sent Gehna here. She says not to ask about it. Baa takes phone and asks if he had food. Anant takes a bite and says he did and asks her to have food. Friend returns and smelling food tastes it and says Anant’s maid cooks tasty food and asks Gehna if she will work for him also as he will pay same salary as Anant or if she has someone who can cook for him. Anant stands silently while Gehn looks at him.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anant with Gehna attends his friend’s party. Friend asks him why did he bring his maid along instead of Radhika. Another friend taunts that there must be something special in a maid that Anant married her. Anant warns him to behave as Gehna is his wife and punches him.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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