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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th February 2021 Kanak insists Gehna to tell truth and asks if she will become competent bahu this way. Gehna tells Sapan that Hiral had gone for her work and he can check with Hiral. Baa feels sad reminiscing Hiral’s words. Bapuji consoles her and asks what happened. Baa says while taking bahus’ test, she forgot that she has 2 daughters; she doesn’t know what happened to Hiral, years ago she loved Sapan and married him, but over time her love evaded and only marriage is left; she couldn’t become a good mother for her 2 daughters and feels Hiral in not happy in her marriage.

Hema in kitchen tells Kanak that her hands got blisters grinding masalas because of Gehna, she now has to prepare halwa for Paresh kaka. She drops sooji by mistake and apologizes Kanak. Kanak drops whole sooji on floor and says Gehna didn’t incur any losses today, let her slip on sooji and fall down. Hema says Gehna troubled them and now its turn. Gehna walks to kitchen. Kanak says they prepared food, so she should prepare halwa for kaka. Gehna agrees and walks towards kitchen. Hema says it would be good if she adds cashew and almonds in halwa. Gehna agrees and slips on sooja. Kanak and Hema smirk seeing her falli ng. Anant enters and holds Gehna on time. Gehna reminisces Anant holding her before. Anant asks if she is fine. She gets out of flashback and says she is. Hema fumes in anger and hits sooji bottle by mistake. Sooji falls on ground. Hema slips and falls down holding Kanak’s hand. Gehna and Anant rush towards her seeing her shouting. Chetan with whole family runs in asking if there was an earthquake in kitchen and sees Hema on floor. Bapuji ask Hema if she is fine. Hema says Kanak. Pankaj searches Kanak. Kanak under Hema says she is here. Family help them get up. Hema says she is fine as she fell on Kanak and didn’t even get a scratch. Kanak thinks she is hurt as a mountain fell on her, she has to bear sooji’s expense now, but will make sure Gehna also pays huge sum. Pankaj asks if he should call doctor and asks Gehna to giver him 1500 rs for doctor’s appointment. Gehna agrees and walks to her room tensed.

Anant sees Gehna tensed and asks why she looks tensed after accepting Baa’s challenge. Gehna asks what will she do if expenses exceed budget, she cannot disappoint Baa this time. He gifts her piggy bank and says when he was a kid, dad used to take him for grocery shopping and put all remaining change in his piggy bank, he used to gather money and buy comics and other things from it; she can save money and use it in need not only for these 7 days but for life. He puts 1 rs shagun coin in piggy bank. She stands shyingly. He gives her 300 rs left from Baa and Bapuji’s medicines and asks to start collecting money from today itself. She puts money in piggy back and nods yes.

Family sits for dinner. Kanak walks to dining chair with Pankaj’s support and says doctor asked her to rest for 2-3 days, so Hema and Gehna should cook and do household chores. Hema fumes hearing that. Bapuji asks Kanak what did she prepare in dinner. Kanak shows salad and says their food is heavy and unhealthy, so as a responsible bahu, she wants them all to eat healthy food and stay healthy. Tia tastes it and says its bland. Paresh asks how will they have only salad. Baa says they need proper thali. Hema thinks Kanak should have added some spices in salad. Gehna asks family to wait for 20 minutes till she prepares something for them. She returns with khichdi and salad and says she prepared khichdi with ghee for them. Paresh gets tempted and requests to serve him first. Gehna serves khichdi to everyone. Kanak tastes it and says it has so much ghee in it and is unhealthy. Gehna says since ages, rishi munis have promoted ghee for good healthy and if they consume it in moderation, it will improve their health, so even Kanak should have ghee to heel herself soon. Family gets impressed with her knowledge, leaving Kanak fuming. Pankaj picks fruit salad plate saying only he will have it. Chetan says he is younger to him and will have it. Anant says he is younger than them and will have it. Their nok jhok starts. Baa smiles and tells Baa that they became kids again. Paresh tells Baa that Gehna showed her competency and responsibility. Baa says its only 1 day and still 6 days are left. Gehna reminisces Anant telling he loves his brother and doesn’t want to separate from them.

Kanak back to her room with her team increases AC to max and switches on all lights. Hema asks why is she increasing electricity bill. Kanak says she is getting Gehna out of competition instead. She then acts as seeing discounted sari online and tells Hema that she is ordering 4000 rs worth sari for only 1000 rs. Hema requests to order one for her. Kanak says there is only 1 sari left and since she loves her a lot, she will order it for her]. Hema happily thanks her. Kanak thinks even Hema is out of competition now after spending excess money.

Gehna serves tea to Hiral, but Hiral busy over phone walks away leaving her purse on table. Gehna picks her purse and thinks she needs to find out what problem Hiral has and why she asked her to lie. She follows Hiral and clashes with Sapna kaki. Hiral leaves in auto. Sapna tells Gehna its not her mistake as she was walking hurriedly. Gehna asks why she looks tensed. Sapna says she got a big order of designing wedding clothes, but her designer took leave and she doesn’t know what to do now. Gehna thanks god that he helps her whenever she needs help, she can help Sapna and earn money.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sapna calls Gehna and says she needs clothes stitched by tomorrow and reach on time. Kanak asks Sagar to not let Gehna win. Sagar spoils Gehna’s stitched clothes.

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Telecast Date:5th February 2021
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