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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th January 2021 Anant and Gehna slip and fall on each other on terrace. Sagar gets jealous seeing them. Gehna’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Anant’s shirt button and tries to free it, Anant helps. Tia calls Gehna, and she walks away nervously. Sagar fixes camera in Gehna’s bathroom. Gehna enters and panics seeing him. He tries to touch her lustfully and asks if she saw anything. She gives him a tight slap and runs away, leaving Sagar frustrated. She runs to home temple and asks god how did she get so much courage. Paresh walks to her and says she got courage from god and says every woman has devi Durga in her and one who has sindhoor in her hairlaine has immense power and she should realize that she is not less or weaker than anyone.

Anant happily calls his parents and informs that Singapore company had offered him job and now they offered him much bigger post. Paresh walks in congratulating him. Baa says he told he will stay with them, but is going far away from them. Anant says 5 km away from home as company offered him job in their Surat branch. Baa gets happy and says her bahu is auspicious to her, then stops. Anant says he already rejected once, but cannot say no again. Baa changes topic and says today morning is very auspicious and they got this good news. Chetan with whole team walks in and asks what good news. Anant says he got a job offer and has to join today itself. Tia enters and says she thought they would enjoy a lot. Anant says they will get many changes later. Bapuji says he is right. Kanak with her team walks in and hearing the news thinks she wanted to send Anant away from old couple, but if he stays at home, how will they separate him. Anant asks Alpa to serve his breakfast while he gets ready for job. Gehna walks in, and he looking at her walks away. Tia says Gehna is auspicious for Anant, he got job in Surat after marrying her. Baa asks why is Gehna roaming wearing yesterday’s sari.

Tia asks Hema to return Gehna’s saris and others gifts. Hema with Kanak walks into her room and asks her if maid will wear costly saris like them. Kanak says she will not let Gehna wear costly saris like them. Tia walks in with Gehna and insist Hema to return Gehna’s saris and gifts. Hema hesitantly says let them be with her as she is preserving them carefully. Tia asks why would she keep Gehna’s sari and gifts, she should return them. Hema with weird expressions agrees. Tia gets a call and walks away asking Gehna to check her gifts. Hema sends kids away and with Kanak starts yelling at Kanak that she will wear costly saris like them, does she deserve them, etc., handing on sari forcefully to her. Gehna says she needs only 1 sari and tries to leave. Kanak asks who will clean her and Hema’s room. Gehna says Anant needs to go to office, so she needs to take bathe and prepare Anant’s breakfast. Kanak thinks she is trapped now and insists to clean room and then go. Gehna looking a clock cleans room and says its done. Kids return. Hema drops kid’s toys and orders Gehna to clean them. Kids say Hema dropped them and their teacher taught them not to lie. Hema yells and insists to clean soon. Gehna does and hopes she doesn’t get late to prepare food.

Anant gets ready for office and takes his parent’s blessings. Baa asks if he had breakfast and calls Alpa. Alpa walks in and says Gehna told she will prepare breakfast for Anant, so she was going to take milk to prepare tea. Anant says he will have breakfast and go as Gehna must have prepared it. Gehna hurriedly mops Kanak’s room floor and seeing time tries to leave saying she will prepare Anant’s breakfast and then clean room. Kanak insists to clean room first and then go. She smirks seeing Anant leaving home. Gehna does and rushing to kitchen asks Alpa to give dhokla batter to prepare Anant’s breakfast. Alpa informs that Anant already left for office. Baa enters and hearing that scolds Gehna. Hema and Kanak enter and taunt that Gehna got a wife’s badge, but didn’t follow wife’s duty. Tia enters and asks why didn’t Gehna prepare breakfast as she had left long ago. Alpa informs that Gehna was washing and cleaning Kanak and Hema’s rooms, so she is late. Kanak yells at her not to become Gehna’s lawyer. Tia asks Baa if she found her answer why Gehna didn’t prepare breakfast. Baa shouts she doesn’t want to hear anything, because of whom Anant left home without having breakfast will take tiffin for him and will stay there until he finishes tiffin. Tia asks how can Gehna go out as she never went out. Baa says her words are final.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bapuji asks Baa why did she sent Gehna out. Baa says when 2 other bahus can go out, why can’t Gehna, she should learn this family’s rules. Gehna walks on road confused.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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