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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st December 2020 Hansa asks Jamna who was the girl who applied gulal/color to Gehna like that. Hiral informs that Anant wanted to marry her earlier, but married Gehna instead. Hansa says means 2 love birds are separated. Radhika walks down with Anant and Gehna and confronts Gehna that she played a nice game and won it. She turns and slips. Anant holds her hand. She asks when he left her for Gehna, why did he hold her, she doesn’t need his support as she doesn’t want to be a second choice whole life; he gave her injury of whole life, there still time and he can choose between her and Gehna. He stands silently. She runs from there shattered. He walks back towards his room. Hansa says this would have happened for sure. Kanak says its a game of fate, sometimes maid becomes queen. Guest comments that maid played a game and grabbed family’s son. Hansa asks Baa when she brought 2 bahus from rich and prosperous families, then why did she chose a maid for her younger son. Bapuji stops her and says Gehna is his daughter. Baa asks him if he will insult her sister for a maid. Bapuji says he respected her when she came in, but she lost her respect with her heinous act. He thanks guests for coming and asks them to leave. Hansa comments kaamwali bani naukrani. Mayuri says mummyji is talking about a new movie and leaves with Hansa. Sapan tells Tia that whatever happened is not good and they have do something good now. Tia says she knows what to do.

Anant standing in balcony reminisces Radhika’s words and thinks how to explain her that he is very helpless and he cannot forgo his responsibilities. Gehna walks to him and says she knows he is bound by Bapuji’s promise and married her; she will free him from this bonding and he can return to Radhika, she will not feel bad at all. Tia with Sapan walks to them and jokes they are spending time alone. She takes Gehna to Anant’s room and shows suhagraat’s decoration and says she decorated this room with a lot of hard work. Gehna feels nervous. Tia makes her sit on bed. Sapan brings Anant. Tia says she decorated this room, how is it, and says she will come in the morning to take shagun. Sapan takes her away. Anant looks at Gehna sitting with veil/ghunghat on her head and reminisces Gehna doing same and asking how is his bride looking. He laughs. She says a girl dreams about her suhagraat and she will wait for him wearing ghunghat. He removes her ghunghat and says he will remove it like this. Out of flashback, he gets Radhika’s call and walks away saying he needs to go. Sapan asks where is he going. Anant says to meet Radhika and leaves. Kanak with Hema and Hiral watching that thinks of informing about it to Baa.

Bapuji confronts Baa that she doesn’t know what she is doing, she should accept Gehna and Anant’s relationship and shouldn’t have called Radhika here. She says Radhika should be in this house in Anant’s life. Bapuji says there is Gehna in Anant’s life. Baa says they marry whom they love and trust; Anant trusted him blindly, but Bapuji misused it and tied him with Gehna forever, Anant silently is bearing it; he did really wrong. Bapuji says even now he says that she should accept Gehna and Anant’s relationship. Kanak with Hema and Hiral barges in and inform that Anant ran away to Radhika.

Kanak then with Hiral and Hema walk to Gehna’s room. Hema taunts Gehna that all decoration is gone waste as Anant left her walked to Radhika. They all three continue taunting and insulting Gehna. Hema picks gifts and says when there is no marriage at all, why Gehna needs gift, so she will keep them. Hiral opens one box and seeing a wall clock says it is as good as Gehna’s fate. Kanak asks not to burn Gehna’s heart. Hema says heart burnt Anant has gone to Radhika now. Anant meets Radhika who says she couldn’t control herself, so she called him; she understands that he married Gehna under pressure, but loves only her even now, so he should file divorce against Gehna; they both can take care of Gehna and after divorce proceedings complete, he can marry her. At home, Bapuji waits for Anant and tells Sapan that Anant didn’t return home even in the morning. Anant walks in followed by whole fmaily. Hiral asks Anant if he was out whole night and was in Radhika’s house. Anant says yes and asks her to call Gehna and tells he has made a decision.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna rushes towards Baa seeing her in chest pain, but Baa warns her to dare not cross laxman rekha, else she will kick her out of house. Gehna say she may kick her out of house, but should have medicine first. Baa falls down.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2020
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