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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th March 2021 Anant is kidnappd. He finds himself blindfolded and tied and pleads to free him. Sagar hits him from behind and thinks every dog’s day comes, Anant had hit him before and today he will hit him and will take revenge for every insult. Gehna gets tensed when Anant doesn’t pick her calls and thinks how will she sleep in this room without him, reminiscing the precious incidents. She picks general knowledge book remembering him suggesting her to read it before attending tomorrow contest. She then finds Anant’s note with diet chart for her and wishing her to win the competition. She then dreams going on stage and searching him. He says he is here and he wants to win the contest with courage even if he is not present with he rand fulfill her dreams. He disappears and she searches him. She then wakes up worried and thinks it was her dream, sees 6 a.m. and thinks why didn’t Anant call her yet, if he is in trouble.

During breakfast, Bapuji says why didn’t Anant call yet, he is worried for him. Baa says also worried. Hema says why didn’t he call yet, if he is not in trouble. Tia asks not to worry as he must be busy in interviewing and will call them after interview to give them good news. Anant on the other side thinks who must have kidnapped him and worries for Gehna.

Gehna tries to walk limping. Baa gets food for her and makes her sit. She says a mother can sense a child’s fear, she shouldn’t lie to her and asks to have food. Gehna asks if even she didn’t have food. Baa says until she speaks to Anant, she will not have food. Gehna offers her water. Sagar feels thirsty and pleads for water. Sagar hiding his face shows water and draws it away. Baa asks Gehna to have water. Gehna drops water glass in tension and cries. Baa consoles her and applies herbal paste to her foot. Anant asks Sagar who is he and what he wants from him. Gehna calls Anant. Sagar thinks he wanted to see Anant and Gehna suffering, disconnects call and messages that Anant is busy in interview, his phone broke down and he will call her back after buying new mobile. Gehna informs same to Baa. Baa thanks god. Gehna thinks why she still feels uneasy.

Radhika enters and questions Baa about Anant. Baa says Anant called Gehna and informed that he is in interview and his phone broken down, so he will call her after buying new mobile. Pankaj says Anant would have called from different number. Paresh says Anant is a responsible boy and knows they would be tensed if he doesn’t call them. Kanak says maybe he is really busy in job interview. Gehna says Anant’s job interview company and venue are fake as she searched it on net. Bapuji gets tensed and says let us go and file police complaint. Gehna backs him followed by Pankaj and Chetan and they all walk towards door. Hema nervously stops them and says they don’t have proof that Anant is kidnapped. Family stands shocked, and Gehna asks how does she know. Hema and Kanak nervously try to leave. Gehna reminisces Anant informing her that he saw Sagar in competition venue and asks if they will not accompany them to police station. Kanak asks why should they come. Gena says they are Anant’s bhabhis and they should also doubt Sagar’s involvement. Kanak nervously asks if she has proof. Gehna says she doesn’t have proof this time, but always Sagar is behind all the problems and the recent events prove that Anant is in big trouble and Sagar is behind it, so they should go and complain against Sagar. Kanak and Hema nervously rush to their rooms to change dress. Baa prays god to help them.

Kanak calls Sagar and informs that Gehna is doubting his involvement, so he should do something and stop Gehna from reaching police station. She warns Hema that if brother gets them into trouble this time, she will give him poisonous leaves. Door opens, and they both are shocked to see someone.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna informs Tia and Paresh that she wants to act as lawyer during next competition round. Kanak enters wearing lawyer’s dress during competition.

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Telecast Date:27th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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