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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd October 2020 Kokila asks Gehna if she didn’t wear earrings. Kanak and Hema smirk. Gehna says she is wearing and shows earrings. Kanak gets angry and asks Hema if she stole earrings or not. Hema opens earring box and finds it empty. Kanak scolds her. Kokila tells Jamna that Gehna is looking beautiful. Kanak whisks Gehna in lieu of hugging her. Hema praises Gehna saying she kept earrings safely. Gehna says she kept them in her bag safely. Kanak asks Gehna to pick clothes from terrace and leaves with Hema locking door from outside and saying that Gehna will not attend party. Gehna goes to terrace to pick clothes, but finds nothing there.

She sees cars leaving and rushes towards door pleading to stop, but finds door locked from outside and thinks Bhabhi forgot in a hurry that she is in terrace. She gets worried thinking babuji/Praful’s medicine is with her and he needs it, how will she reach party venue. She hears footsteps and thinks someone came to pick her up. Door opens, and Sagar walks in. Kanak with family reaches party venue and tells Hema that maid Kanak will never reach here now. Sagar closes door and walks towards Gehna. Gehna is afraid and she pleads him to let her go as she needs to handover babuji’s medicine. He asks her to go. She rushes towards door. He asks her to take medicine first.

Kanak tells Pankaj and Chetan that they should find out how much money cheque babuji/Praful is getting as retirement fund and they should make sure Kokila and Gopi are not nearby as they are habitual interferers. She asks Pankaj to ask babuji to give him bigger share of money. Hema also tells same to Chetan.

Sagar walks to Gehna and misbehaves with her. She calls him bhaiya and pleads to stop. He says she is a servant and should please him. She rushes to home temple and prays God to help her. Sagar holds her saying nobody will help her. She resists, but in vain. She prays Kanhaji to save her. Water from temple pot falls and flows on ground. She pushes him and runs away. He slips on water and falls down. She picks Bapuji’s medicines and rushes out of house. Her earring falls down.

Urmila stuffs her plate with snacks and thinks she will finish it all. Hema holding 2 plates clashes with her and nervously says she is taking it for guests. Urmila asks not to shy as she was also foodie like her in youth and suggests her to eat as much as she wants. Urmila asks whys she has to eat secretly when her sasur is very rich. Hema says yes and she will get more money and walks away happily. Urmila doesn’t understand what she meant and she continues with her food. On the other side, in wrestling ground, Gopi kaka wrestles and can’t concentrate reminiscing his encounter with Gopi. Coach asks him to be firm as he is losing breath. Back in party venue, Urmila enjoys snacks when Gopi walks to her and asks if she saw Gehna. Urmila says even she didn’t see Gehna, asks to find out if Kanak and Hema left her at home. Gehna runs on road barefooted and thinks she doesn’t have money or phone to return home and doesn’t even know party venue, but she needs to handover bapuji’s medicine at any cost. Gopi kaka is about to lose, but overpowers his opponent and defeats him. Coach praises him and says he saw his physical strength and now he has to prove his mental strength and prove that a woman cannot weaken his determination, he should return victorious. Gopi kaka leaves. Gehna continues running on road and gets afraid seeing a rag picker walking towards her. She runs again and falls down unconscious seeing a car speeding towards her. Car stops.

In party venue, Gopi tells Kokila that she will go out and call at home as Gehna may be at home. Kokila says even she is worried for Gehna and tells Hetal that Kanak and Hema must have left her home. Host calls Praful on stage. Praful speaks and says he wants to call a person who is the reason behind his success. Kanak and her team walk towards stage. Praful says he is speaking about his life partner Jamna. Kanak stops seeing Kokila looking at her. Gopi goes out to call Gehna. Gopi kaka walks to her and calls her. She turns and looks at him. Gopi kaka thinks he gets dragged to her whenever he sees her, who is she.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopi kaka asks Gopi if she is not ashamed to touch a stranger / an unknown man. Gopi asks him to answer her question. He asks to return his towel first. Kokila walks out searching Gopi.

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Telecast Date:23rd October 2020
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