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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st January 2021 Gehna gets trapped in a pooja pandal fire. Anant with family reaches there and seeing the situation picks a shawl and rushing to Gehna sets off fire from her pallu and draping shawl around her scolds her asking why did she come here and what if she would have burnt. Gehna sees a burning pillar falling towards Anant and rescues him on time. They both fall on ground. Baa gets worried. Anant asks Gehna if she is hurt, she asks same. He stands up and help her stand, and they both walk to family. Baa asks Anant if he is fine. He says yes. She asks Gehna next. Radhika calms down Gehna. Kanak tells Hema that one fire is set in pandal and another in Radhika’s heart. She acts as panicking and asks Gehna how did pandal catch fire. Sagar hiding thinks everyone will blame Gehna now. Pooja committee Ladies say whole mandal gutted in fire, Gehna had lit shagun lamp. Kanak says Gehna did abshagun by lighting shagun lamp. Gehna apologizes Baa for ruining her pride and says lights went off and when she returned after checking she saw pandal catching fire.

Kanak yells at Gehna and says she should have called home for help. Hema says why will she, good they heard about it and rushed here. Anant asks how does she know about fire before everyone. Kanak yells instead of blaming Gehna he is blaming them. Pankaj says how will they perform pooja after Gehna burnt whole pandal. Committee ladies yell that they did a mistake by giving big responsibility to Desai family’s younger bahu and Jamna’s bahu doesn’t deserve to be trusted. Anant says Gehna doesn’t have to bend her head as someone must have set fire. Gehna reminisces a man/Sagar asking her to go that light switch got off by mistake and she should go and switch it on. She informs Anant the same. Anant asks who was th at man. She says a decorator, but their whole team went to have dinner and didn’t return. Sagar enters and acts. Anant says his 6th sense says someone set fire. He wakes up decorator and asks why did he drink alcohol instead of decorating pandal. Decorator says someone forced them to drink. Sagar enters and tries to shut his mouth.

Committee members scold Gehna that her sasuma/Baa is being insulted because of her. Gehna tries to speak to Baa, but Baa stops her. Tia tells Baa that it was an accident. Anant says it was not an accident but someone’s plan and asks decorator to speak. Decorator says someone forcefully took them away from pandal and gave them alcohol. Anant says it is clear that someone wanted Gehna to be alone in pandal. Tia says there were committee ladies with Gehna, why did they go. Ladies say Hema asked them to go. Hema nervously says she did. Tia asks why did she go then. Hema says Gehna asked her to go and make Hema sleep and blames committee ladies for blinding listening to her. Anant says all these evidences prove that someone conspired against Gehna. Kanak asks why he thinks someone conspires on Gehna every time, why would anyone burn god’s pandal, why he thinks Gehna can handle such a big responsibility if she handles small household chores. Anant says decorator is responsble and Gehna instead risked her life and stopped a big accident. Committee lady says their pooja is at risk and they didn’t think they wouldn’t be able to perform 25th year pooja. Bapuji says all this happened because of decorator who ruined everything and asks to take him away from his sight. Ladies continue to yell that Desai family should be blamed as they took the responsibility of pooja and now their grand pooja will not happen. Gehna says pooja will happen via Desai family. Lady asks who will perform pooja. Gehna says she will. Bapuji asks how will she manage in a single night after everything burnt. Gehna says this responsibility is on Desai family and she will fulfill it.

Gehna home with family. Radhika asks why did she set off fire with her bare hands, what if something had happened to her. Gehna says she is fine and good that nobody was there, else they would be at risk. Bapuji says she thinks only about others and not herself. Baa says why did she risk her life for others, she gave her a responsibility which Gehna couldn’t fulfill, she wanted to show her bravey and didn’t even call family, else they would have tried to set off fire on time. Bapuji says even now she is worried about fire. Baa says not fire, she is worried about Ge.. Bapuji asks her to complete her sentence. Hema tells Kanak that this old woman’s heart is melting. Kanak says their plan worked and nobody found about it, when she makes a plan, even a person like Sagar can complete it. Anant returns and says soon they will find out who set fire in pandal. Each family member’s face is focused. Anant says he has Gehna’s phone which was found in pandal and whoever set fire threw it there. Sagar gets tensed hearing that. Anant says this phone’s recording was on and everything happened in pandal is recording in this phone, so whoever set fire will be caught soon.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanak tells Gehna that when servants do good job, they give them tips, so Gehna can have 500 rs tips. Anant gives money to Gehna and asks her to give tips to even Hema and Kanak. Anant and Radhika slip and fall on bed. Gehna notices that.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2021
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