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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th September 2021 Anant over phone asks inspector if Krishna informed where he has kept dad. Inspector says no. Constables torture Krishna. Krishna says they are making a mistake. Pankaj and Paresh asks who kidnapped Bapuiji. Anant says Krishna did and he betrayed not only them but also the nation. Family is shocked to hear that. Gehna returns home and is shocked to hear that.

Anant says Krishna supported Krishna in all the accidents happened here; police is torturing Krishna to get out truth. Paresh says he doesn’t know whom to trust. Pankaj pointing at Kanak says dear ones are betraying them, Krishna is a stranger though. Tia cries that she blindly trusted Krishna. Gehna says she doesn’t believe Krishna can harm Bapuji. Anant shouts if something happens to Bapuji, he will never forgive Gehna. Gehna says Bapuji is even her father. Professor says is not Gehna’s mistake, so he shouldn’t blame her. Anant walks out fuming.

Radhika hugs Kanak happily and says finally Anant fulfilled her wish and separated Gehna from Anant, Anant insulted her repeatedly and left her for Gehna, but today he made her happy by scolding Gehna today. Kanak says she thought she is genius, but Sagar proved himself to be more genius and she is eager to see a dhamaka.

Radhika continues expressing her joy when Hema enters and informs them that police came and called everyone down. Gehna reaches police station and questions Krishna why he betrayed them and kidnapped Bapuji. Krishna says he understands Anant misunderstanding him, but he cannot imagine Gehna misunderstanding him; asks if she thinks he can betray our nation and harm Bapuji.

Police informs Desai family that they found explosives and gun in Krishna’s room and he was planning a bomb explosion in city. Anant reminisces all the incidents from Krishna’s first meeting till now. Inspector thanks professor for finding out Krisnhna’s conspiracy and asks how did he doubt on Krishna when nobody could. Professor says he teaches law and knows criminal psychology. Inspector thanks him and asks family if they know any more details about Krishna. Hema says only his friend Gehna knows.

Inspector asks to call Gehna then. Krishna informs Gehna that when Tia had gone to parlor, Krishna called and threatened him to give him money or else he will harm Tia, so to save Tia’s life, he met Sagar and gave him money. Gehna asks what about trying to grab Anant’s file. Krishna says Sagar called and informed that Anant’s life is in danger due to that file and hence he went to get that file, he cannot even think in his dream of harming Bapuji. Gehna requesting inspector checks Krishna’s phone and finds Tia’s palor pics and Sagar call timing same, thinks he is telling truth and she needs to act as doubting Krishna to find out truth. She returns home where Paresh encourages her not to give up and fight for justice.

Sagar celebrates with drinks for trapping Krishna. Hema calls him and asks where has he kept Bapuji after kidnapping him. Sagar says he didn’t. She says she will get him file if he spares Bapuji. He says he is not a fool to trust her as Gehna fooled her disguised as Radhika. Hema assures him that she is his sister and will never betray him. He gives her location. She reaches with file. He takes it and asks her to leave. She insists to tell Bapuji’s location. He denies, warns her that he can kill anyone for his mission, and pushes her out of door. Gehna enters. Anant says behna betrayed her bhaila.

Radhika and Kanak enter next and threaten him to reveal Bapuji’s location or else they all will trash him. He laughs. They warn him not to underestimate women power and picking their sanals revolve around him. Gehna reminisces confront Radhika and Kanak demands Radhika, Kanak, and Hema’s support to free Bapuji. Out of flashback, Sagar asks Hema if she will betray her bhaila. She says when he threatened to kill her, why should she spare him. Sagar warns Kanak and Radhika that they are making a mistake by supporting Gehna. Gehna threatens to hand him over to police. He agrees to take them to Bapuji’s location and checks secret mission file first.

Inspector informs Anant that a man similar to Bapuji is seen around MG Road. Anant thanks him and runs out. Professor notices him. Sagar takes them outside his den and asks them wait outside or else goons will get alert. Gehna insists to accompany him. He takes her in and asks goons to shift old man to another den on boss’ order. He asks Bapuji not to get sentimental seeing Gehna.

Goon asks who is this woman. He says their team member, frees Bapuji, and takes him towards door when boss calls goon and informs that he didn’t order to free old man. Goons surround them, and senior goon says he double crossed his own people. Sagar says he didn’t have any other option and calls Hema, Radhika, and Kanak who with Gehna trash goons. One of them picks gun. A man throws box on goon’s hand and goon drops gun. Everyone are amazed to see that person.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anant asks Baa if Krishna pushed her from stairs. Baa says Kumar did. Anant gets worried for Gehna. Kumar strangulates Gehna.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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