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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st February 2021 Kanak shouts at Anant that if he and his wife wants partition of family, he should as even she doesn’t want to stay with them. Baa stands shocked hearing that. Gehna pleads Kanak not to think of partition. Kanak yells at her. Tia supports Gehna. Hiral and Hema yell at Gehna. Bapuji asks them to stop shouting. Baa asks why is he scolding them instead of Gehna who is responsible for all this. She says Gehna broke her house and she will never forgive her for that. She walks away from there crying followed by Bapuji and Praful. Whole family disperses. Gehna also runs to her room crying and sits reminiscing Baa’s words. Anant walks to her, and cries profusely hugging him. He holds her and asks not to cry and tell what is in her mind. She says Baa was so happy and wanted to hug her, but she reuined everything; Kanak and Hema want to leave the house because of her. She reminisces Baa’s promise to not leave the house and fulfill her responsibilities. She says she can’t even leave the house, whole family is insulted because of her, reminiscing pandal incident. She says everyone were telling she got inrebriated and danced in front of Mataji, whole society will laugh on their family and Baa will never accept her; she shouldn’t have entered pandal and danced. Anant asks her if she consumed lassi by herself. She nods no. She says when she didn’t make a mistake, why she is blaming herself.

Gehna throws her makeup stuff on Pankaj and asks why didn’t he slap his brother for misbehaving with her. Pankaj asks why did she demand partition of house. Hema with Chetan enters. Kanak says Baa vented her anger on Gehna when she talked about partition. Hema asks if she will demand distribution of even money. Kanak says she will distribute Bapuji’s whole wealth, she wants this house to be run on their terms like before where old man and old woman used to dance on their tunes. They all plan operation batwara/partition.

Gehna continues crying blaming herself. Anant promises that he will not let partition happen in this house. Next morning, Anant takes Gehna for breakfast and Tia makes her sit on dining chair. Kanak and her whole team stand up. Praful asks why are they standing. Pankaj says Anant insulted them because of Gehna, so they have decided not to have food with them. Sapan says every family has fights, that doesn’t mean they break the house. Hiral yells at him not to interfere. Bapuji asks her to behave with her husband. Chetan says he didn’t explain Anant who supported his wife and insulted them all and didn’t even apologized them. Baa enters and says they all need not go away as Gehna will go who shattered her family. Gena runs away from there crying followed by Anant. Kanak smirks and informs Baa that Mrs. Joshi called them to pandal for visarjan aarti. Baa reminisces committee ladies insulting her family. Hema says they will be insulted again if they go there. Kanak says even if they don’t, they will be insulted. Baa asks everyone to have breakfast and then they all will go to pandal. Paresh walks to her. She says if he has come to advocate Gehna, then he shouldn’t. He says he didn’t come to advocate anyone, says she and Gehna are 2 ends of a necklace and whole family is like beads, necklace will break if both ends separate. Baa says the other end shattered whole necklace. Paresh says one who mixed bhang shattered the necklace, Gehna just spoke her heart out. Baa says she should have spoken to her. He asks how will she. Baa says people say right that slippers shouldn’t be worn on head and leaves for pandal.

Anant walks to Tia and asks where are everyone. Tia says everyone went to pandal. He asks what about Gehna. Tia says Sapan told she is not in pandal. He walks to Gehna and says let us go to pandal. Gehna reminiscing Baa’s words says she cannot go to pandal as she has to face everyone. Anant says she has to and holding her hand walks towards pandal. In pandal, committee lady asks about Gehna. Kanak says after yesterday’s drama, she doesn’t want to come here. Another lady says its good if she doesn’t come here or else she will create another drama. Anant enters pandal holding Gehna’s hand. Lady says Gehna ruined this year’s pooja, another says Gehna doesn’t have sanskars. Kanak asks not to blame Baa as Gehna is at mistake, thinks Baa is angry and she hit a hammer on hot plate, Gehna will not enter pandal and must be crying in a corner of her room. They stand shocked seeing Gehna entering with Anant.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baa says she will forgive Gehna if she proves that she is competent. Praful says she should ask other 2 bahus to prove their competency. Baa says all 3 bahus will compete and whoever wins will take forward her family.

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Telecast Date:1st February 2021
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