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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th October 2020 Gopi prepares pooja thali and walks into home temple. Prem Ratan Dhan in the background. She garlands Radha Krishna’s idol’s for pooja. Urmila walks into temple and thinks before kakdi/Kokila enters, she will finish 1 laddoo. Kokila enters stopping her and says laddoo after aarti. Urmila says even she is on diet. Het walks in saying that is why she is looking slim. Parag joins them. Kokila orders Gopi to start aarti. Gopi starts aarti singing bhajan. Ahem joins her, and she gets emotional seeing him. They both perform aarti. Aarti finishes, and Gopi realizes she imagined Ahem. Kokila asks if she is remembering Ahem, even she is remembering him as today is Ahem’s birthday. Gopi prays god that she is sure that wherever her Ahem is must be happy and wishes Ahem happy birthday. Ahem is seeing wrestling in wrestling ground and defeating his opponent. People lift him and chant Gopi.

After pooja, Urmila takes whole laddoo thali from Gopi. Kokila reminds its prasad and not snack. Urmila says she remembers and serves prasad to everyone. Hetal asks Kokila if she birthday cake is getting ready. Gopi says yes. Kokila tells Hetal and Gopi that they need to visit Praful bhai in Surat. Hetal says let us all go and meet Praful’s family. Urmila thinks she has to work if she stays here and asks Kokila if she can accompany them as her relative stays in Surat. Kokila agrees and wanrs her to pack minimum clothes. Urmila happily leaves. Kokila thinks with her brother Praful’s family, Gopi will not think of Ahem much. Kokila gets Jaggi’s call and speaks to him. Kokila, Hetal and Urmila then get into car. Gopi hands over cake to Kokila and drives car. Praful calls Kokila and asks to reach soon as he is eagerly waiting for her. Kokila says even she is eager to meet him. Hetal says she is happy to see Kokila happy after a long time. Kokila says yes.. Gopi says she never heard of Praful mama. Kokila says after her wedding, she got disconnected with her brother, but somehow her brother found her number and reconnected with her, he invited her to attend his retirement ceremony and they are all going to attend it. Hetal asks who is present in Praful bhai’s family. Kokila says 2 sons and grandsons. Hetal asks and.. Kokila says she heard a girl’s voice in background when she spoke with Praful. Hetal says must be his daughter. Kokila says she came into Praful’s house 5 years ago and her name is Gehna.

Gehna is introduced who is a copy of Gopi. Her performs pooja and takes aarti around house. Praful’s grandson Piyush and granddaughter Sachi reverse count and whole family start calling her at once for breakfast. Gehna serves breakfast of their choice to each family member. Praful and his wife praise Gehna that she is pride of his house. Kanak asks Gehna to get her sari from terrace. She runs to terrace and sees Sagar who misbehaves with her. Piyush and Sachi fall in swimming pool. Gehna pushes Sagar away, runs and jumps into swimming pool and saves kids. Family rushes towards swimming pool and pulling Gehna out of swimming pool scold for jumping into water when she doesn’t know to swim. Sachi says to save them. Sagar asks where was she when children fell in swimming pool. Family insist where was she. Gehna says to get Kanak’s sari from terrace. Kanak slaps her and children suffer because of her carelessness. Whole family yell at her that she is an useless servant and is here because of babuji/Praful. Praful with wife walks in and asks Kanak what happened. Kanak says jumped in swimming pool to save kids. Praful says Gehna cannot see anyone in trouble, so she jumped into swimming even when she doesn’t know to swim. Kanak fumes thinking these old people love Gehna so much. Praful asks Gehna to change her clothes and walks away. Kanak asks her husband Pankaj and devar what is their task today. Pankaj says they need to find out howmuch money will bank people handover to babuji. Kanak says they should enquire from babuji howmuch money he will get.

Gopi asks Urmila where her relative in Surat stays, she will drop her there. Urmila acts as calling relative and asks if he in Jamnagar, what will she do in Surat now. Hetal says Urmila can stay with them. Kokila calls Urmila and says she knows she didn’t get any call, she can accompany them to Prafu’s house and continue her mischiefs.

Kanak with her devrani makes Gehna carry water under sun and asks who is she. Gehna says she is servant. Kanak orders her to wait there till water gets hot for her pedicure. Devrani enjoys Kanak troubling Gehna and praises her. Gehna stands under hot sun and prays Kanhaji for help and thinks Kanhaji sends someone to help when he himself cannot come. She fells dizzy and is about to fall when Gopi enters and holds umbrella on her.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopi searches Gehna in dark and imagines Ahem entering and eating cake from her hand.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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