Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th February 2021 Dashrath demands partition of house and tells Bapuji that his sons will handle their responsibilities individually. Bapuji angrily says his family takes are of each other and forget partition, even a brick will not change in this house. Dashrath asks what if children want partition. Anant says none of the children want partition, but looks like he wants, so he should listen carefully there won’t be partition of house. Gehna brings water for Bapuji and asks if he is fine. He signals yes. Dashrath tells Bapuji that time has changed, children may wait, but they can’t wait as their life is unpredictable. Baa asks what is he saying. Bapuji says there is no guarantee of life and when he dies, his children will takeover him and hold his family together. Dashrath says utensils collide at home and he should divide them before they start fighting.

Gehna says her Baa and Bapuji would never like that. Dashrath shouts at her not to interfere between elders, she is an outsider and shouldn’t speak. Aannt says he is right that outsiders shouldn’t interfere in his family issues, so he should stay away. Hema shouts he is insulting her papa. He says he is just answer her papa’s question. Dashrath tells Bapuji that his younger son looks smart, but oversmartness is harmful; Anant is trying to keep family united, but when there would be partition, he would just watch. Anant says if Karishna himself is a charioteer, there won’t be mahabharat in that house and he and his brothers are Ramayan brothers and not Mahabharat, so they will not fight. Dashrath says even Ramayan brothers had go to on vanvas, they are nothing. He walks away saying Sagar that he had a lot of food today and wants to have paan now.

Hema yells that Anant misbehaved with papa and what is wrong if papa talked about partition. Kanak enters saying Anant did wrong and thinks his brother’s won’t fight, she will punish Anant now for mentally torturing her. Hema excitedly asks what will she do. Kanak says Anant warned Gehna not to do Dashrath’s work, she will make Gehna do same and make Anant fight with her, she will divide Gehna and Anant and then house. Hema dances saying they will get Bapuji’s money.

Next morning, Gehna sprinkles gangajal water after pooja. Dashrath passes by, and Gehna sprinkles water on him by mistake. He shouts at her and seeing gangajal in her hand yells why a servant is holding gangajal, she spoilt him and he now has to take bathe again. Baa with Paresh hearing his yelling walks to him and says Gangajal purifies everything and Gehna is her yogya bahu and not servant. Dashrath says he is old fashioned and will not change, so he will go and take bathe. Baa says she has to talk to Bapuji and Anant regarding this. Anant walks to them and asks regarding what. Paresh reminds Baa that they need to go to bank. Baa asks Gehna to give medicine to Bapuji on time. Paresh says Gehna remembers her duties even in sleep and takes Baa along.

Dashrath tells Hema and Kanak that Gehna is misbehaving a lot, Kanak as an elder bahu should control her. Kanak says how will she when Gehna is controlling whole family. He asks what are elder sons doing, Anant is misbehaving with elders, elder monkeys are not reacting at all. Kanak says elder sons respect parents a lot and bear insult by younger brother, she called him here to show that. He asks her to bring him something good to each to make his mind working. She asks what he wants to have. He gives a long list. She thinks the more bigger the list is, the more harder Gehna has to work.

Gehna brings coffee for Anant. Anant shows her school form and books and says tomorrow she has admission test and she has to study well and pass it. She excitedly looks at books and asks if she can write her name on them. He says she can, and she writes Gehna Anant Desai. He gets happy seeing that and says he is going to office and she shouldn’t get busy at work, she should do necessary work and start studying, she shouldn’t let anyone know about her studies. She nods yes. Gehna goes to kitchen and asks Alpa to prepare tea and milk for kids. Kanak enters and says even she is ordering now. Gehna says she needs to take medicine and tea for Bapuji. Hema enters and cries that her pappa is insulted on his first day of stay here, she will prepare him tea as Gehna wouldn’t do his work. Gehna says she will. Hema says she will inform Anant and others. Gehna says she will not and asks what she should do. Hema asks to wash her pappa’s clothes. Gehna says she will after serving tea and medicines to Bapuji. Kanak says she will do that. Gehna tels her medicine location and asks her not to forget. Kanak says she is taunting them as she is yogya bahu now. Gehna says she doesn’t think like that and walking to Dashrath’s room stops near door reminiscing gangajal incident and says she needs his clothes to wash. He shouts to stop right there and throws clothes outside. She washes clothes and hopes Kanak must have given medicines to Bapuji. Bapuji gets severe pain and thinks why didn’t Gehna give him medicines yet and walks towards drawer with great difficulty. Gehna feels something is wrong and thinks of checking Bapuji. Temple lamp flickers. Bapuji falls down trying to pick medicine.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pankaj and Chetan demand partition of house. Gehna thinks she cannot let that happen and has to stop this house from breaking.

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Telecast Date:18th February 2021
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