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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th July 2022 Gehna tells Surya that she was eager to hear that he loves him and asks him to say it with right that she belongs to only him. Surya says she doesn’t want to live with Suhani and he doesn’t want to leave Suhani, so he doesn’t want her to waste her life waiting for him.

Gehna asks if eh can see her marrying someone else. He says he just wants to see her happy. She says her happiness is with him. He says then she shouldn’t marry as he loves her immensely and cannot live without her.

He applies his blood in her hairline and hugs her. Gehna realizes its her imagination and asks Surya what he wants to say, if he is unable to see her wedding. Surya stands silently. Gehna tries to leave. Surya stops her and asks why is she doing this, she should keep her hand on her chest and say she is willingly marrying Agastya.

Gehna says there is no use of these talks now. Surya says when they both love each other, why is she marrying someone else Gehna says she just knows that he divorced her and if he wants her to stop this marriage, he should stop it. She says her marriage is tomorrow and she doesn’t want it spoilt. She leaves from there while he stands crying.

Next morning, Suhani watches Urmila, Sarika, and Shreya making wedding arrangements. She walks out and gives money to the goons and orders them to execute the plan tonight before the wedding.

Gehna noticing that claps and mocks her that she hasn’t changed a bit even after her biological son is in jail and adopted son is not supporting her. Suhani challenges to stop Gehna’s marriage. Gehna accepts her challenge and says she do whatever she wants to. Gehna informs Urmila who gets worried for Gehna.

Agastya assures Urmila that they will protect Gehna. Sarika with Shreya walks in and asks Agastya and Gehna to get ready for wedding.

Surya asks Kartik to give a letter to Gehna. Kartik refuses saying he is bad as he divorced Gehna. Surya says he will get him a remote controlled car. Kartik says he needs Gehna chachi and not remote controlled call, so Surya would reconcile with Gehna instead. Surya crosses partition line.

Rajesh and Dimpy watching them hiding pray god to give some conscience to Surya. Suani over phone orders goons to finish their work and return soon. Shreya gets Gehna ready as a bride. Surya walks in and says he wants to talk to Gehna one last time. She agrees and leaves.

Ridhima meets Agastya’s parents and ask why they want their son married to a woman who is already married twice. Agastya says she doesn’t have any right to point at Gehna. Ridhima says she loves Agastya and is a better choice than Gehna. Parents say they cannot change Agastya’s decision and Agastya knows what is better for him. Agastya says Gehna is his choice. Surya tells Gehna that she is looking very beautiful and he cannot get his eyes off her face. He asks her to give her mangalsutra.

He asks if he found another girl. Surya says Suhani burnt all her stuff, Gehna will leave today after marrying Agastya, so he will keep it with him as her memory. Gehna gives her mangalsutra and asks if he will be present for wedding. He says he can’t as he cannot see her marrying someone else. Gehna says its her last wish.

He says he can give his life but cannot fulfil this demand as he cannot see her becoming someone else’s wife. Gehna asks if he will not wish her. He wishes her happy married life and leaves.

Agastya as agroom brings his baraat. Urmila performs welcome ritual. Surya cries looking at Gehna’s mangalsutra. Suhani’s goons reach outside the house. Urmila, Shreya, and Sarika bring Gehna to the mandap covering her face with a veiil. Pandit chants mantras. Suhani enters Surya’s room and breaks mangasltura. Surya says she burnt Gehna’s whole stuff, only mangasltra was left. Suhanis says she would burn every memory related to Gehna , he hates Gehna whom he brought to this house as a servant.

Suhani’s goons enter the house. Agastya signals his guards who take guards away. Panditji asks bride and groom to stand up for pheras. Suhani walks down and stops marriage. Agastya says her plans failed, her 4 goons couldn’t do anything and she couldn’t harm Gehna.

Surya asks Suhani why is she doing this when he promised to stay with her forever. Agastya says Suhani will never change and asks Surya not to bother about Suhani. Surya sets off havan fire and says this marriage cannot happen as Gehna belongs to only him.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Agastya tells Surya that he is too late to stop the marriage, he always followed his mother and should suffer. Suhani says even now Surya is following her orders. Surya lifts bride’s veil and is shocked to see Ridhima.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
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