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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2022 Gehna reveals Surya that his birth certificate has Urmila’s name as his mother as he is Urmila’s son. Surya asks her not to start the drama again. Gehna says its true that Suhani is not his mother. Surya says she should be ashamed to speak against his mother.

Gehna says Suhani should be ashamed instead for keeping Surya away from his biological mother for her benefit. Surya warns her to stop lying. Gehna asks if she doesn’t believe her, she should question Suhani then.

Suhani asks her to stop trying to create a rift between her and her son and says whatever Gehna tries, she is sure that Surya trusts only her. Surya says he trusts her, but why this DNA report and birth certificate don’t have her name. Suhani recalls giving him fake birth certificates. Surya questions why she lied.

Suhani says a mother never takes her children’s fake oath and keeping her hand on Surya’s head takes oath. Daadi stops her and asks her to take Sarika’s oath then. Sarika gets tensed and asks Suhani not to take her fake oath as she doesn’t want to die. Surya confronts Suhani for taking false oath.

Suhani accepts that she is not his real mother. Surya shatters hearing that and says he blindly trusted her, but the whole family except him knows that he is not her son. Suhani asks him to listen to her once.

Gehna asks him not to fall for her lies again. Suhani says she just needs 2 minutes from him. Surya agrees. Gehna asks him not to listen to Suhani. Surya says though Suhani is not his real mother, she bought him up and has right on him. He walks away holding Suhani’s hand.

Urmila calls Gehna and asks what is happening there. Gehna says finally truth is coming out and asks her to come inside the house soon.

Urmila gets happy hearing that. Sarika breaks Gehna’s mobile and confronts her for destroy her house, sending her husband and brother to jail, and trying to separate her another brother from her mother. She asks what is wrong if Suhani is not Surya’s real mother. Gehna says there is nothing wrong in being a step mother, but Suhani’s intentions are wrong. She prays Matarani to protect and support her husband.

Surya walks down holding a suitcase and calls Gehna. Gehna walks to him. Surya sys whatever she did is out of concern for him, he wants her to forget this issue and let him live with the fact that he is Suhani’s son, they should forget whatever happen today as a nightmare and live a happy family life.

Gehna says Suhani’s intentions are wrong and she manipulated him whole life for her and her criminal son’s behavior and tried to kill him when her work is done. She says she doesn’t want her husband to stay with a manipulative mother and says he has to decide whether he wants to stay with her or his manipulative mother.

Surya asks how can she call Suhani as manipulative. He shows his childhood items preserved by Suhani and asks if she still thiks Suhani is manipulative. Gehna says Suhani is trapping him. Surya says if she wants him to choose between her and his mother, he will choose his mother and end all the relationship with Gehna and divorce her. Urmila opens the main door and stands shocked hearing that.

Gehna says she has seen many andh bhakts/blind devotees but not like him, she asks why can’t he see the truth. Surya says she made him realize that he is an illegitimate child, etc. Suhani starts her acting and asks them to stop fighting and let her go from the house instead.
Surya praises Suhani’s sacrifice and says Gehna will leave the house instead.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna pleads Surya to give her one chance to prove herself. Surya says he trusts his mother and not her. Gehna prays god to not test her patience anymore and determines to fight.

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Telecast Date:14th May 2022
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