Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2021 Gehna sees oven blasting and rushes towards Baa to rescue her. Whole family hears blast sound, Kanak and her team smirk. Baa falls down on floor injured. Gehna gets worried and rushes to bring cold water to use it on Baa’s burns. Whole family rushes in and gets worried seeing Baa’s condition. Kanak thinks anything would have happened to Piyush today, she will not spare Gehna. Baa wakes up. Bapuji asks if she is fine, and Sapan applies cold water on her hand burn. Bapuji asks how did oven blast. Kanak yells that oven blasted because Gehna used wrong setting and yells why did she use oven when she doesn’t know to use it, removes plate and shows it to family. She continues yelling and alleging Gehna.

Sapan asks her to stop and takes Baa to living room. Anant returns and panics seeing Baa’s condition. Hema shows oven and says it blasted because of Gehna using wrong settings, her son and Baa would have died because of her. Anant shouts at Gehna. Gehna says she used right plate. Tia tries to speak, but he stops her and shouts to shut up and as she has made similar mistakes before, Baa would have lost life because of her. He continues shouting and orders her to get out. Baa runs to her room crying. Sapan asks Anant to calm down as Gehna put Baa’s hand in cold water immediately and its a minor burn, so he will apply ointment on it. Paresh thinks how can Gehna make such a big mistake, something is wrong. Gehna panics sitting in her room’s corner. Tia walks in and tries to console her saying its not her mistake. Gehna says Baa is hurt because of her, she doesn’t know to use anything, this relationship itself is wrong. Tia says Baa is fine, so she need not worry.

Kanak continues alleging Gehna. Anant asks Baa if its hurting. Baa says she is fine. Paresh tells Anant that Gehna will not make any silly mistake and there is something wrong, doesn’t he think he spoke too much and insulted Gehna. Anant walks to his room. Kanak smirks and tells Hema that she spoilt Gehna’s image with one act, now she must be weeping in outhouse. Gehna continues to weep reminiscing oven blast and Baa’s hand burn, Anant scolding her, etc.

Next morning, Anant gets ready for office. Bapuji, Paresh, and Tia enter and wish him happy birthday. He thanks them and ask how is mom now. Bapuji says she is fine and sleeping, so he didn’t wake her up. Paresh laughs. Anant asks why is he laughing at him. Paresh says he is laughing at human nature; when someone does good job, they just say thank you, even Anant thanked Gehna when she saved Baa last time, but when she made a small mistake, he forgot all her goodness and scolded her. Anant walks down and seeing someone holding sorry card thinks its Gehna. Radhika shows her face revealing its her. Anant says everything has changed, then why this sorry drama. Radhika says she didn’t come to say sorry to him as whatever she told him was her right, but she did wrong to Gehna and brought sorry card for her as Gehna is not responsible for whatever happened. Anant leaves. Bapuji asks how is she. She says she is fine and greets him and Paresh Jai Sri Krishna. They both and Tia walk away. Kanak with Hema walks to Radhika and says whom she came to say sorry for is in outhouse. Radhika asks what happened. Kanak explains whole story. Radhika asks how is Baa and where is she. Kanak says Baa is fine and she can meet her in her room. Radhika goes to meet her. Hema praises Kanak that she is doing dhamaka continuously, earlier oven blasted because of which Anant blasted on Gehna, now Gehna came and will make big dhama tonight. Kanak asks her to just wait and watch, she will make Gehna a big dhamaka soon.

Gehna prays god to keep Anant happy always and says she made a mistake last night, so she needs to apologize Anant. Paresh enters and blesses her. She greets him and says she prepared aloe vera gel for Baa and her burn will heal soon with it. Baa on the other side tells Radhika that she is fine now, but Anant is angry on Gehna for what she did last night. Gehna tells Paresh that she made a big mistake and wants to correct it, but don’t know how. Paresh says she should do prepare cake again today. Gehna asks how can she, reminisces Baa’s words that Gehna has to follow family’s rules and prepare cake for Anant, says she will prepare cake in a cooker for Anant. Paresh praises her. Radhika tells Baa that she will prepare a special birthday cake for Anant.

Radhika goes to kitchen with Kanak and Hema. Kanak says a new oven came with Radhika. Hema hopes even Anant’s wife changes and says Anant missed cake last night because of Gehna. Radhika says good he missed cake. Kanak asks if she should help her. She says she will alone prepare cake today. They both walk away. She prepares batter and bakes cake in oven while Gehna bakes cake in cooker and writes Anant’s name on it.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Family wishes happy birthday to Anant. Kanak tells Radha that her cake is her love for Anant, so he will cut only her cake. Gehna watches standing near door. Anant looks at both cakes.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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