Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2021 Gehna returns to kitchen and thinks she should clean plates until cake is prepared. She hears sound and hopes there shouldn’t be any problem. KAnak tells her team that there would be problem and they should make sure children go near kitchen. Pankaj asks if there would be any issue. She says definitely as oven will blast first and then Anant will blast his anger on Gehna. They enjoy juice. Hema drops juice glass. Pankaj calls Gehna to come and clear broken glass. Kanak asks why did he call Gehna. Pankaj asks who will clean the mess then. Kanak says after oven blasts, Anant will blast on Gehna and will realize why did he marry an uncultured illiterate.

Radhika decorates her house to celebrate Anant’s birthday and thinks she will gift him something on his birthday which he wouldn’t have thought of. Haa Hasee Bangaye…song.. plays in the background. Door bell rings. She opens happily thinking she knew he would come for sure and stands looking at him shyingly, then greets him in. He stands silently. She holds his hand and takes him in. He looks at her decoration and asks what is all this, he just. She makes him sit and asks how is she looking. He walks aside. She hugs him from behind. He turns and asks what is all this. She says a gift of love which she can give it to only him, this night belongs to them together. He walks aside again. She holds his hand and says they will celebrate his birthday like every year at 12 p.m. He says this year is different than last year.

Gehna enters Kanak’s room and cleans broken glass strands. Hema laughs. Kanak asks to wait and watch, Gehna will be bombarded with questions in some time. Paresh enters calling Gehna. Gehna stops him from stepping on glass strands and clears them. He asks if she doesn’t get tired after so much work. She says if she doesn’t clear them, someone will step on them. In living room, Tia plays with Sunny. Sunny says he is hungry and asks Tia to ask Gehna to bring something to eat. Baa says she will get them food. Paresh asks Kanak’s team if they don’t think there is work for them. Hema says they came to refresh themselves and offers snacks. He walks away. Tia calls Anant to find out if he left office. He is about to pick call when Tia stops him and disconnects call saying a third person shouldn’t come between them today, putting her hand on his chest. He frees himself and says he thought his family and she will understand what he is going through, why is she doing all this, unknowingly keeping his hand on her shoulder. He says he knows what she means, pampering his hand. She frees himself again and says he is already married to Gehna now and came to apologize her. She asks what about her self-respect and life, if he really loved her. He says he loved only her, but Gehna is his wife and responsibility and Gehna is his life’s truth. She says he is her life’s truth and she cannot sacrifice him for Gehna. She hugs him tightly. He part ways and says Gehna is his life’s truth now. She asks if he came here to break her heart. He says to return the memories which will break heart. He returns her gifts and walks away. She picks each gift and throws it away, reminiscing hugging him, looks at his proposal ring and throws it even that. Anant drives car reminiscing Radhika telling that he is her life’s truth and she cannot sacrifice him for Gehna.

Baa in kitchen prepares milk shake for Sunny . Sunny says he needs more sugar. She goes back to add sugar. Tia sees Gehna and asks her to go and bake cake soon as Anant must be coming. Gehna enters kitchen and seeing oven blasting near Baa rushes to her shouting Baa. Whole family hears blast. Kanak and her team smirk.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanak yells at Gehna why did she use microwave if she doesn’t know to use it. Anant yells next that mom is right regarding Gehna and orders her to just get out. Gehna runs away crying.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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