Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th January 2021 Baa calls family and asks why there is no water in her bathroom. Tia informs that water pump is under repair and there water only in lawn tap. Baa asks how will she bathe and she cannot enter home temple without bathe. She calls Pankaj and Chetan and asks why didn’t they get water pump repaired. Pankaj says he called electrician yesterday and he will come in sometime. She says she needs water now to bathe, so Pankaj should bring water from lawn tap. Pankaj says she sprained his hand while exercising, so he cannot lift water. Chetan thinks he is lying. Baa asks Chetan next who says he is getting late for office and cannot get water. Hema calls Alpa. Baa says Alpa is on leave, so ema should bring it. Hema says she has to get children ready. Kanak says even she can’t.

Ehna brings water for Baa and says she will keep the bucket in her bathroom. Chetan, Hema, Pankaj and Kanak also order her to bring water to their rooms. She agrees and goes to lawn to fill water buckets for them. Anant notices that. He walks to Gehna with a big bucket and asks her to bring water for him also as he is getting late for office. She brings water with great difficulty. He asks reason. She says its very heavy and its difficult to carry. He says similarly she shouldn’t carry other’s burden, he liked her bringing water for Baa as she is old and cannot lift heavy stuff, but others can do their chores themselves. Hema walks to Gehna yelling when she will bring water, but stops seeing Anant. Anant asks her to get water herself. Hema says dear ones help each other. Sagar walks to her asking why he is not getting water in bathroom. Anant asks him to take water bucket to his sister’s room as dear ones help each other. Hema nods yes with a fake smile. Sagar angrily takes water towards her room fuming on Anant.

Anant opens his cupboard to get clothes and Radhika’s gifts fall down. He reminisces Radhika gifting them and expressing her love for him and thinks he should return them to her. Gehna walks in. He says he will get ready for office and goes to bathroom. Gehna looks at her certificate and thinks this would be a best birthday gift for Anant, reminiscing Anant insisting her study and grow up in life thinks she will become like Anant wants her to. She sees Radhika calling Anant and thinks why she came between Radhika and Anant. Anant asks her to check whose call is it and walks to her. She hides her certificate and walks away saying she is going to kitchen. Anant picks Radhika’s call. She says he took long to pick call. He asks if she is still in Surat. She asks how can she go away from him and asks him to tell that whatever happened is a bad dream. He says it truth and she should accept it and start a new life. She asks how can she without him. He says he just wants to say that his love for her is pure, but he cannot deny marrying Gehna even if he is heart broken. She says they celebrated his birthday together till now, so if he can meet her tonight to celebrate his birthday. He agrees.

Baa performs pooja and serves prasad to family. Anant takes prasad and leaves for office. Baa informs family that tomorrow is Anant’s birthday, so they should celebrate it lavishly and distribute work among themselves. Paresh says Gehna will prepare food. Tia calls Gehna. Gehna walks in and extends hands for prasad. Baa gives whole thali to her. Paresh asks Gehna to prepare food for party tomorrow. Hema says how will she prepare food for so many people. Kanak says she means Gehna would be busy in decoration, so how will she prepare food in large quantity; thinks birthday is tomorrow, but they will see a blast tonight. Pankaj says he will bring cake from his bakery. Kanak says there is a ritual in this house of wife baking birthday cake for husband like she baked cake for Pankaj. Hema says even she baked cake for Chetan. Paresh asks if Gehna will bake cake for Anant. Baa says Gehna will follow family ritual and bake cake for Anant. Gehna walks into kitchen reminiscing seing Radhika’s call no Anant’s mobile.

Tia asks if she needs her help. Gehna says she will manage alone and chats with her flower plants that she knows to cook on stove, but doesn’t know to use oven, hopes she bakes cake well. Kanak and Hema peep in standing near door. She mixes ingredients and nervously keeps batter in oven, thinks there are many buttons and which one she should press. She prays god and presses one, gets happy seeing it starting; thinks there is time to bake cake, so she will help Tia in decoration. Once she walks out, Kanak with Hema walks in and keeps steel plate inside oven and changes its setting to blast it thinking she was slapped by Baa because of Gehna, now Gehna will bear the slap. Gehna walks to living room and seeing Sachi and Piyush troubling Tia stops them and gets busy in decoration. Paresh walks in and praises her. Gehna tells Tia that she will go and check cake. Paresh says she should go and bake cake and let Hema and Kanak do decoration. Kanak thinks Gehna doesn’t know that she is preparing a bomb.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baa gets into kitchen to get something. Gehna walks towards kitchen. Oven blasts, and family stands shocked hearing blast sound.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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