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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th July 2022 Gehna asks Urmila why she announced her and Agastya’s marriage. Urmila asks her to calm down.

Gehna says already her and Surya’s relationship is in trouble and she exploded a bomb with this announcement. Urmila says its her life and not a joke that Surya breaks her heart and abandons her, Agastya is a good boy and would keep her happy.

Gehna says she knows where her happiness is, then why she is doing all this. After some time, Gehna walks to the terrace and looks at the stars. Surya walks to her and asks if she is praying for the happy marriage this time instead of sorrows. Gehna says not now and tries to leave. Surya stops her and says she easily agreed for marriage so soon without thinking about him.

Gehna says he is neither his friend, husband, or boyfriend to question her; he never valued her wish and always humiliated her; he never respected her love and when judged asks if he wants to give their marriage a second chance,

he divorced her obeying his mother; why can’t she obey her mother and marry Agastya. She says he should question himself and not her. She leaves from there. Urmila hears their conversation.

Next morning, Suhani happily tells Shakuni that Urmila made her work easy by fixing Gehna’s marriage with Agastya. She notices Sikandar with a bag and asks where is he going. Sikandar says this bag has his clothes, but the other side of the line has his precious belongings. Suhani asks if Shreya and Kartik stole it.

Surya confronts her and asks if she seriously is alleging Kartik. Sikandar says Suhani always infused poison in her children’s minds, he warns Surya to stop spoiling his own life under Suhani’s influence before its too late. He asks Suhani to mend her ways. Kartik asks Shreya where is papa going. Sikandar says to his precious than life wife and loving son and walks to them.

Suhani pleads Sikandar not to leave her and breaks down. Surya comforts her. Urmila taunts Suhani that she lost her children because of her evil nature, but Surya being my blood is maintaining his good nature and supporting Suhani even now; she is proud of Surya. She announce Gehna and Agastya’s engagement ceremony in the evening tonight. Surya tries to pacify Suhani.

Suhani breaks down and agrees that she used to show Sikandar’s toys and clothes to Surya as his emotionally blackmail him. Surya recalls breaking up with Gehna supporting Surya. He notices Suhani having high fever and goes to get a doctor. Suhani shouts to burn everything.

Sikandar tries to get closer to Shreya. Shreya says she forgave him, but needs time to reaccept and trust him after so much happened between them. Sikandar says he can understand and shows his confession letter that he is behind all the crimes and not Arjun.

He says this is the first step towards his repentence and asks her not to inform anyone about it until he completes it. She says she is on his side and holds his hands with teary eyes. Sikandar wipes her tears and asks her to cheer up for tonight’s party, asks if Gehna and Agastya are really getting engaged. She stands silent.

In the evening, Gehna walks down the steps with Agastya. Agastya goes aside talking over phone. Gehna slips. Surya runs and holds her on time and scolds Agastya for not taking care of Gehna. Gehna says its none of his business now. Suhani notices Surya on the other side of line and asks what is he doing there.

Surya gets nervous. Suhani slaps him and vents out her anger on him, leaving Gehna and Agastya in shock. Urmila takes Gehna to get ready for engagement and asks her to remove her mangaltra.

Gehna recalls her marriage with Surya and asks Urmila if she is doing right. Urmila says she is, Agastya is a good boy, and suggests her to not hold anyone and if they don’t return, she should understand that the person never belonged to her.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suhani taunts Gehna that she cannot snatch Gehna from her as he divorced her and even Gehna is getting married. Gehna asks till when she will hold Surya. Surya says whole life.

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Telecast Date:11th July 2022
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