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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th May 2022 Surya notices someone riding his bike and wonder who he must be. Gehna removes helmet and reveals it’s her. Surya says he is impressed that Gehna knows to ride a bike. Gehna says when her husband is a pro rider, she has to learn riding. She asks him to sit behind her.

He says he doesn’t want to be called late Surya before consummating his marriage. She asks him to just sit behind her and drives him to a roadside eatery. She then enjoys pav bhaji feelings its spiciness. He thanks her for the beautiful night. She says he can enjoy a lot if he stays with her. He says tomorrow is a special day.

She says she can’t remember anything special. He says its their fourth month wedding anniversary, so they should celebrate it. She asks who celebrates that. He says he celebrates and wants to celebrate very month with her. He further says he wasted a lot of time fighting with her, so he decided to celebrate anniversary with her each month and gift her something special tomorrow.

Gehna says she will gift him something special tomorrow. He challenges her that his gift would be better. She accepts challenge and says she will give him the best and unique gift tomorrow. He says we will see.

Next morning, Suhani feels headache and calls for servants, but nobody attends her. Sarika informs that all servants busy serving Surya. Suhani notices house being decorated and asks Surya what’s happening. He informs that he wants to celebrate his fourth month wedding anniversary and is throwing a party tonight. He then notices her having headache and says he will call the doctor as she should be fine to enjoy tonight’s party.

She reminds him that he married Gehna for revenge. He says that Gehna was right since the beginning and he is going to treat her well and rectify his mistakes. She asks him that if he really thinks that Sikandar poisoned him. He says he knows any brother cannot poison his younger brother, but just knows that Gehna didn’t poison him. He asks her to relax and sends Sarika to bring tea for Suhani.

She receives Gehna and Shreya’s picture and thinks her doubt was right that Shreya is supporting Gehna. She tells Surya that she will give him a surprise gift tonight. Surya leaves. Sarika gets tea for Suhani and says she will wear a designer gown tonight. Suhani scolds her that she wants to celebrate when her husband is in jail and says she is sure that Gehna will take Surya way soon. Sarika laughs.

Gehna walks to Suhani and asks if she wants to have tea and questoins about household chores. Suhani feels irritated and yells at her. Gehna says Surya asked her to take Suhani’s permission before doing anything. Suhani agrees. Gehna says she is going out in the afternoon. Suhani says she can do whatever she wants to and thinks where she is going in the afternoon.

Gehna visits a municipal corporation office and tries to get Surya’s birth certificate. Officer says she needs to wait for 15-20 days atleast and gives her form to fill. She requests him to get it soon and walks out of the office when she notices Surya and Suhani entering there and hides. Surya asks Suhani why did she bring him here. Shes ays to meet Gehna and searches Gehna in the office.

Gehna hiding prays Kanhaji to protect her. Surya says he searched whole office but couldn’t find Gehna. Suhani thinks she knows Gehna is hiding somewhere around and burns a newspaper to evoke a fire alarm. People panic and run around. She then returns to Surya and asks what is this alarm about. Surya says there seems to be a fire in the premises.

Peon notices Gehna hiding and asks her to run away. Gehna notices a girl in trouble and saves her. Surya is surprised to notice Gehna there. Girl’s mother thanks Gehna. Surya asks Gehna if she is fine. Suhani shows her fake concern for Gehna and what is she doing there when she should be in the house for the party.

Gehna says she needed a document. Officer thanks Gehna for saving the girl and will give her the document right now. Gehna says she will get it later. Suhani asks the officer which document Gehna needs. He says she came for a birth certificate. Gehna says she will get it later or he can send it home.

She lies to Surya that she needed her birth certificate as it’s missing., but they need to return home for the party. Suhani insists to take the certificate first. Gehna says they need to make party arrangements first. Surya says Gehna is right. Gehna asks them to wait for her in the car and walks to the officer to give her address. She thinks Surya will get the surprise tonight.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Surya tells Gehna that he wants to take pheras with her. She says they already did. He says he wants to remarry her with due respect and love.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
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