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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th April 2021 Anant prepares pani puri for Gehna and serves her. Just when Gehna is about to eat it, Radhika picks it and eats it, says its so yummy, and apologizes Gehna saying she couldn’t resist. Gehna stands sadly. Radhika reminds Anant how they searched for pani puri in Singapore when they completed 1 year of their relationship. Gehna asks what is she doing here. Radhika jokes that she came to have pani puri and the says she came to take back her necklace. Gehna reminisces Anant gifting it. Radhika shows different necklace and says Anant bought this one for Gehna and she came to take back what is hers. Anant says he exchanged necklaces by mistake. Radhika asks Gehna if they should exchange gifts. Gehna returns her necklace. Radhika asks Anant if she can have some pani puri if she has come here as she has right on..then says pani puri. She asks him to prepare spicy pani puri for him. He does. She enjoys pani puri while Gehna stands jealous. Radhika coughs. Gehna goes to kitchen to get her water and seeing floor dity starts cleaning it.

Kanak peeps at Gehna and thinks until Gehna cleans the kitchen mess, she and Radhika will fly away with Anant. She calls Radhika and asks to execute their next plan. Radhika saving Kanak’s number in her husband Vinit’s name acts nervous and says she will send him photos and acts as slipping and hitting her head. He holds her and she walks away hurriedly. He thinks he cannot let her go alone at this time. Gehna returns towards room thinking she will send Radhika out of her room, but get sad seeing Anant rushing behind Radhika. Anant stops Radhika and says he will not let her go alone. Radhika says she needs to send Vinit’s business documents immediately and if she fails and Vinit loses business deal, don’t know what will he do to her. Anant accompanies her. Kanak taunts Gehna that her husband left surprise party in between and went with Radhika. Gehna reminisces Anant rejecting her proposal. Kanak thinks her master plan worked and Gehna’s half husband left with his half girlfriend.

Radhika with Anant reaches home hurriedly and searches document file. Anant asks her to relax and think where did she keep file last time. Gehna calls Anant and asks where did he go uninformed. He says he is fine and will return in 1 hour. Radhika thinks she will keep him busy whole night and will not let him return to Gehna. She asks him to return to Gehna. Kanak/Vinit calls her, and she acts that she is searching file alone at home. Anant asks her to inform Vinit that she will send him file once found and asking why she is afraid of Vinit holds her hands. She acts as writhing in pain. He asks if Vinit tortured her, why she fears him so much. Radhika says one has to be in fear if they are alone; Anant married Gehna and she married Vinit thinking she got a friend and lie partner, but got an enemy; she lives in fear always. Gehna continues waiting for Anant and sees its already 3 a.m. Radhika acts as asleep holding file. Anant returns with coffee and asks her to send file pics to Vinit. He sees her asleep and tries to pick file, she holds his hand acting asleep; he thinks he should inform Gehna that he is with Radhika, then thinks she may not like it.

In the morning, Gehna wakes up hearing door bell and opens door thinking Anant returned, but finds milkman instead. She checks guest room and not finding Radhika there thinks if they are still together. She prepares breakfast and thinks if she should call Anant or not. Door bell rings again, and she opens door hoping he came but finds another woman who says he is a dress designer and brought dresses which Anant ordered for his wife. Hema and others say even they will check dresses. Kanak asks Gehna to call Anant to check dresses. Elders join, and Bapuji asks Gehna to call Anant. Gehna says he is not at home. Anant returns with Radhika. Bapuji asks where they had gone early morning. Kanak says they were out whole night and are coming now.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna asks Radhika not to interfere between husband and wife. Anant says he brought Radhika here and if anyone has problem with Radhika, they should speak to him. Gehna hears Anant telling Radhika that the secret will be only with them and thinks if Anant his hiding something.

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Telecast Date:10th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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