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Rishton Ka Manjha 7th September 2021 Madhuri asks Arjun why did you need to go the academy and create a scene there? Don’t you care for your mother? Why do you keep stressing me like this? Do you want me to die? Arjun says I am fine, you will be fine. Madhuri says we all saw them beating you. She asks Deepika to call a doctor. Arjun says I am fine, those security people beat me but I am fine. When that Karan is in front of me then I don’t feel any pain. Deepika brings first-aid box. Arjun says that girl did my first-aid so I am fine. Niharika says wow, that girl was doing his first-aid and we were worried about him. She tells Arjun that he has embarrassed papa again.

He was called by Shankar today. You don’t care about this family’s honor so it’s fine. Arjun says I don’t care about this family’s honor. He asks Dadi if that girl came here? Dadi says yes, that party day I went to the bank for getting a gift for Amitabh but I felt ill so that girl helped me, she brought me home. She said she just arrived at Kolkata. Where did you meet her? He says Jamshedpur. I gave her a lift as she plays badminton. All look on. Arjun says I met Karan that day.

He says to Dadi that girl talks a lot, she questions so much.. anyway I got her address so I will give back her bag. Dadi says she lives near modern school. Arjun thanks her and starts to leave but Amitabh arrives there. He glares at him. Arjun says it looks like you were scolded by Khurrana? Did you thank him on my behalf? Amitabh says just shut up. Arjun says don’t shout now, you should have been shouting that your son is innocent but you were silent so don’t shout now. He leaves from there. Amitabh takes Tina from there. Niharika thinks only Tina can handle him.

Diya is trying to searching for Arjun’s address. Shobha says we have to find a way. Diya says I will go to the academy to ask Raju kaka. Shobha says that man is a trouble. Diya says I think he is just angry at Karan, maybe he was framed. Shobha says you should think about your bag, it had your documents.

Arjun is driving towards Diya’s house. He comes near her society.

Meera comes to Diya and asks what happened? Diya says I left my bag in that man’s car. the same man who helped me in Jamshedpur.

Arjun looks at Diya’s bag and she talks so much that she forgot about her bag. I saw her game, she needs to learn some technique then she will have to fight for a position. She should leave this game.

Diya tells Meera that I will go and look for that man. Meera scolds her and says you will get married soon so stop doing all this.

Diya recalls Arjun talking badly about the game and says something wrong happened in his life. I have to know that.

Tina tells Amitabh that girl plays badminton, Arjun have gone to her house now. Amitabh says this guy has given me stress. Tina says I will handle everything. She calls someone and says I need help. She says there is a girl who you need to teach lesson. She gives him instructions and thinks how dare she touch Arjun?

Arjun comes outside Diya’s house and says how will I find her house? Diya comes to her window and says why is there a car outside? Arjun gets down from the car. Diya smiles seeing him and thanks God. She runs and comes outside the house. Arjun says I was right, you live here. You forgot your bag in my car. Diya says I am sorry, I was looking for a way to contact you. Arjun gives her bag and says don’t forget it again. Diya thanks him for coming. How do you know I live here? Arjun says I searched the internet. Diya says don’t joke, you should go home and take rest. Your face looks like you never rested.

Diya’s aunt wakes up and is feeling pain in her foot. She hears a car noise and comes outside to see Diya talking to someone in the car. She says guys are coming to meet her in the middle of the night?

Arjun tells Diya that our paths are different so it’s better if we don’t meet again. Diya asks him to give his number, I want to learn about badminton. I will try to talk to Karan again. Arjun says it’s better if we don’t connect again. He drives away. Diya is hurt.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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