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Rishton Ka Manjha 6th October 2021 Diya’s brother says didi would Arjit not let us meet? She says who said you can’t meet me? No one can dare to part us. Come to meet me at my new place.

Nikharika says Tina you look so pretty. Arjun won’t leave you this time. Tina asks did Arjun leave? Niharika says not yet. Tina says the match is going to start soon. She says he can’t leave the house. Tina says where is he? Niharika says he’s getting ready with Love and Kush.

Love and Kush get Arjun ready. they say you will be awkward on stage all the time. Kush teases him. Madhuri says my son looks so handsome.

She says go downstairs. SHe says let me take evil eye off you Arjun. My small arjun is a groom now. You will be married in a bit. He says in heart before me is diya’s wedding. She had to get married at 6. I hope she makes it to the court. I have to leave from here soon.

Scene 2
Divya gets ready. Shobha says you look so pretty. They say Arjit and his family are outside. Diya says when will Arjun come and how?

Madhuri says what are you thinking? He says nothing ma. She says you will have a wife too now. Always be reponsible towards her and take care of her. Be her wings and freedom. Take care of her dreams. Will you do that? The rituals are important. Never break them. Arjun says don’t worry maa. I won’t do anything wrong without a reason. She says come downstairs. Everyone is waiting. He says I am coming.

Arjun says there’s so much secuirty outside the house. He sneaks towards the backdoor. Nikharika says how do I find out what’s happening inside? Arjun says I don’t have a lot of time. I will get late for the match and then I have to come before the wedding.

Love says to Niharika keep an eye on Arjun. He shouldn’t leave the house.

Scene 3
Diya thinks about the match. Shobha says Arjit’s friends are so weird. They were saying weird thinks about you. Diya says don’t focus on them. please let me know when Arjun comes. Shobha says he won’t come. Focus on your wedding.

Arjun wears casual clothes. He says everyone will recognize me. Niharika comes to his room. Arjun shuts the door. Niharika says he’s running. Why did he change? Arjun says is she keeping an eye on me? I should be careful. The door is locked. Arjun can’t go out. He says what did she do. She will tell everyone. I should leave before everyone comes there.

Tina meets Madhuri and Mr. Agarwal. He says you’re my daughter. She says you got so late. He says we were caught up. Tina says thank you for everything. Madhuri says you’re our daughter. You’re the best partner for Arjun. thank you for loving Arjun so much and being with him always. Niharika comes and says Arjun is gonna run. Everyone is shocked.

Arjun jumps out of the window. Nikharika says he’s in other clothes. I locked him. Tima says uncle please alert the security. They come to his room but Arjun isn’t there. Tina says he ran.. He ran on his wedding day. Tina is shocked. Niharika says I tried a lot but he ran. I am sorry Madhuri says why arjun.. I told you not to do this. You didn’t even listen to me for that girl?

Scene 4
Diya’s wedding starts. Shobha takes Diya to the mandap.

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