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Rishton Ka Manjha 6th December 2021 Diya says I will collect all proves against Karan and prove Arjun’s innocence. Arjun comes to her room. She says what are you doing here? He says I will sleep here. Kush asks Niharika for drawer keys. Niharika says in heart it has the drug. Niharika says let me look for it.

He says I had important papers in it. Look for it. Diya says I am fine Arjun. You should go from here. He says I am not asking you. I will sleep here. Diya says we can’t stay here maa would be mad. We can’t be together for a month. Maa will be really mad. Arjun says it’s 12 and month is over. Wake me up if anything happens.

Take my name if ma asks. She says let me fix your bed. Arjun says you had to be careful in the washroom. Diya recalls she saw too much shampoo on the floor. Arjun says you should rest Diya. Good night.

Arjun and Diya sleep in the same room. He sleeps on the sofa. Kush looks for the keys. He says let me break the drawer. Niharika says I will find it. Don’t break it. She sits on the key on the bed. Niharika says I will find it by the morning. He says I need them. Kush goes out. Niharika takes out the drug and says I have to mix it in Diya’s room.

Scene 2
Diya wakes up the next morning. She looks at Arjun asleep and smiles. Diya covers him with a blanket. Arjun holds her hand in sleep. Arjun wakes up and says what are you doing here? She says your blanket fell. He says it’s 5:30. Why didn’t you get me up? Go get ready. Be careful. How do you feel? She says I am okay. Diya says this is a new battle of my life. Nihairka says your bad luck will start today Diya. No one can save you. You will have these drugs and be banned forever.

Arjun cooks Diya’s breakfast. Bannu says let me do it. He says no I will make it. Amitabh asks Bannu where is my tea? She says Arjun is in the kitchen. Madhuri says let me get the tea. He says what is a woman’s job? To handle the house and kids. And you can’t even do that. Your kids are badly raised, look at your son.

He’s making breakfast for his wife. No man has done this. Our men go to work and earn. He doesn’t know how to be a bigger person. Arjun says Diya here’s your breakfast. We don’t have time for their things. Arjun says a big person is made from his mentality not these words. A big man is a good husband, and father. He’s grateful to his women and considers them equal. You have none of those qualities. I respect my wife and I support her. There’s nothing wrong with is. Amitabh says your wife will fall like you.

Arjun says I will always be there for her. I am with her. Amiabh says don’t show me this attitude. Where will you get the money from? Do you earn? I pay for everything in this house. Where will you get the sponsor from? If you have a problem with this house, leave it. Make her dreams come true. Leave this. Madhuri says hwat are you saying. Amitabh says he can leave.

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Telecast Date:6th December 2021
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