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Rishton Ka Manjha 5th January 2022 Tina says I will make Arjun mine? Tina comes to Arjun an says Arjun what happened.. How did this happen? She takes him to her car and asks driver to go to the hospital. Pihu says I thought I would have so much fun in this house but I’ve to cry all the time. My eyes are dark.

Madhuri says what happened? Were you crying? Pihu says no maa.. Madhuri says don’t cry. Everything will be fine. I’ve arranged a havan in the house I need some of your details for it. It must be in your kundli. Pihu says I don’t know all that.

Madhuri says call Mira and ask. Pihu says I will call her. Madhuri says ask right now. Pihu says I don’t have their number. What do I do now. Pihu says their numbers are not in my phone. Depika says but she calls you every day. Pihu says they had my phone in the campus. I don’t have a lot of numbers. Niharika says mummy ji let’s go downstairs.. Arjun..

Everyones comes downstairs. Arjun is injured. Madhuri says what’s all this? Depika says you dropped him home. This accident? Tina says someone attacked him. When I reached there he was on the ground. They attacked him with something heavy. Arjun says Karan must have sent them. Kush says let me speak to papa. Arjun says if he had to do something he would have done 5 years ago.

Scene 2
Karan comes back to the camp. He says I am sure Ajrun came here. He was here to get his case information. His manager says but Diya lost the match. Arjun did a huge drama. Karan says I want everyone in secuirty fired. How could he come here. Karan says who else could take the papers? Tina? She might know something.

Pihu says to Arjun we can’t ignore this. You are in so much pain. Arjun says you don’t care about my pain. Don’t do these drama. Your lies hurt more. Tina says don’t get so hurt. Her intention meant well for you. Arjun says she knew what my happiness was. She did it for herself. Niharika says in heart what’s Tina’s plan.

Madhuri says Kush take Arjun to room. arjun says I don’t want to stay with these fake faces. Tina says they are your family. They worry about you. If yo leave they would be really worried. Arjun says thanks for helping me. She sas I did huge mistakes but I can be a good friend to you. Diya also made a mistake. She can’t fix it either but.. She leaves.

Scene 3
Madhuri brings out gold for the havan. Niharika says mummy ji is giving all this to her for losing the match? Pihu picks it and looks at it. She says it looks very expensive. Madhuri says maa ji gave it to me. It’s priceless but it cost around 50 lacs. Pihu says in heart if I take one or two of these my life would be set. Madhuri says to Niharika send milk for Arjun.

Depika gives haldi milk to Arjun. she says forget your anger and try to sleep. Don’t try to get up. Arjun says ask her not to come here. Depika says calm down. I will speak to her. Stop hurting yourself. Madhuri says when Arjun calms down he will realize his wife and mom did it for him. She says I wish I could give it all to you in better circumstances. I know you will convinve Arjun the way you did for durga pooja. She says choose the jewelry you like. Pihu says in heart which one should I get, which to lose.

Scene 4
Arjun looks at the match’s video in detail. He says look at her foot work. She doesn’t even look like a player. Niharika says Diya is confused. she’s never seen so many things together. Pihu picks a bangle and says can I take it? Madhuri says yes it’s all yours. Take what you want. She shows her another necklace.

Madhuri says let me take out more sarees for you. Pihu looks at the cash. Depika says you look like a stranger Diya. The Diya I knew would never care about gold and clothes while Arjun was in that condition. Pihu says in heart if I steal all this, Diya will be accused.

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