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Rishton Ka Manjha 3rd January 2022 Priya screams Arjun.. The goons take her away from there. Arjun looks around. He’s confused. Arjun says was it Diya? Who was it? Arjun calls home and asks Depika if Diya is home.

She says yes she’s in her room. Arjun says check once if she’s there. Depika checks and says no she’s not in her room. Arjun is shocked. He sees the goons taking Diya. Arjun says hey stop. The goons leave her there. Arjun says Diya open your eyes. It’s Pihu. She cries and says Arjun.. Arjun says how are you here? You were home. Pihu says I was very scared when you left. I’ve came after you.

I have hurt you a lot. I wanted to apologize then these goons tried to kidnap me. I asked them what they wanted. I don’t know what were they trying. Arjun says why would they try to kidnap you? Depika tels Arjun Diya isn’t home. Pihu says in heart thank God tina called on right time.

Tina called Pihu and said wear the track and come fast here. Arjun saw Diya when she tried to run. Arjun says Diya let’s go home. He picks her and takes her to the car. Arjun says do you remember their faces? She says no their faces were hidden.

Pihu saw the real Diya. Tina said stop looking at her and my men will take you to Arjun. Pihu says thank you Arjun. Arjun says I would do the same for any stranger. Let’s go to hospital now. Tina looks at them. She says you will never find Diya again.

Scene 2
Dadi asks Depika what happened? She says Arjun was asking if Diya is home and she isn’t. Then he cut the call. I don’t know what happened. Arjun says in heart what’s happening. Madhuri asks what happened? Depika says both of them aren’t picking the call. The doctor checks Pihu and says it’s a small wound. Pihu said to Tina I can’t have real bruise. I will give scar on my face. Tina said you have to do it because he will take you to a doctor.

Dadi says what’s happening in this house? Diya should go to her place. That would be good for them. Arjun says to Pihu I will drop you to your parents. No need to go back to Agarwal mansion. Diya says in heart I won’t live in that small house. Madhuri says what has Diya done wrong? She did it all for Arjun. We can’t send her to her home. I should leave the house too. She’s to face all this because of me.

Pihu calls Tina and says Arjun is taking me to Diya’s place. Tina says what no? You can’t leave. How will my plan work. Pihu says I don’t wanna go there myself. Tina says do anything but you can’t leave Agarwal mansion. Tina hangs up. Pihu says what should I do now? Madhuri says I hope everything goes fine between them. Dadi says you loved Arjun. Is this love? Taking away his happiness. You didn’t like Diya when she was in badminton. Badminton was his happiness. You cared about his happiness? Diya can’t stay in this house. It’s better that she leaves this house.

Scene 3
Arjun says let’s go. Pihu sits in his feet and says please don’t do this Arjun. I won’t leave you. Arjun says get up. Don’t do this drama. You will stay at your parents. Pihu says my house is yours. I won’t leave my house. Arjun says yeah why would you. You won’t have any luxuries there. you married me for your materialist reasons. Pihu says you can be mad at me but I won’t leave you. Please. Arjun reaclls how she was always there for him.

Diya opens her eyes. She looks at the saree. Diya recalls seeing Arjun. she cries. Tina says your medicine.

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