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Rishton Ka Manjha 3rd December 2021 Diya says why are we at the mall? He says to shop. She says but I have everything. My seat belt is not opening. Whoever sits on this seat must get stuck. He says only you sit on it. Arjun says get ready for the camp.

Depika tells dadi diya is going to the camp tomorrow. Madhuri says did Diya tell you? Depika says Arjun was so excited. Madhuri says how will he protect her there? She will be alone at the camp. When will you all understand? Dadi says Diya can bring Arjun’s happiness back with badminton.

Arjun and Diya shop for the camp. Karna says to the board Diya is like any other contestant for me. Just keep an eye on her, I don’t want any problem at the camp. Arjun stops the doctor and says Mr. Sen you know what to do right? You have to destroy Diya’s life? He says yes I will do it. Diya and Karan go out. Diya says don’t you wanna eat?

He says you always talk about food. He says sit here, let me come back. Diya says from here? He says a surprise for you. Diya waits for him. Niharika goes to Diya’s restroom and oils the floor. She says no one can save Diya.

Arjun comes back. He has a shopper in hand. Diya says what’s this? He says surprise. Diya says must be bitterguard juice for me. We came out for the first time. We can eat something healthy like puchka. He says no. Sit in the car. Niharika comes to the room and says now Kush’s turn. She sees Kush coming.

She pretends to cry. Diya and Arjun come to a park. Diya says what are we doing here? It’s such a pretty place. What are you planning? Am I going to see your romantic side? HE says you forgot your surprise. She says show me. Arjun says here it is. Diya says must be diet food.

Niharika looks at Kush’s photo and cries. She says no one loves me in this house Kush but I can’t see you away from me. Kush hears it. Niharika says I feel like I am oceans away from you. I can’t live like this. I should rather die. She takes pills. Kush says what are you doing stop it. Niharika says let me die. You hate me.

You won’t forgive me anyway. Kush stops her. He says don’t take my sleeping pills. I am mad but I don’t wanna lose you. Arjun says come eat. Diya says I don’t want to. He says I got something for you. Come eat. Diya says I am not hungry. Arjun says okay then, I will eat the puchka. Diya says Puchka.. You got me Puchka. He says yeah I thought you will only eat healthy after this. Diya says I will eat it. He says only two. Diya says I will eat 4. He says okay. Diya eats them.

Kush says I love you Niharika. Don’t do all this. Niharika hugs him and says I am sorry. Forgive me please. He says it’s okay. Niharika says just say that you forgave me. He says I did. Niharika says I won’t disappoint you again. Kush says I wish. He leaves. Niharika laughs. Diya eats the puchka. she says won’t you eat? He says no. Diya says you have to. she makes him eat. Niharika waits for Diya and Arjun.

She says I hope they haven’t left already. My plan would be ruined. Madhuri comes. She says what are you doing here? Is someone coming? Niharika says yes. I want waiting for my parcel. I ordered make up. Madhuri says you can ask the guard. He will tell you. Niharika says yes. Niharika says I wanna check it. They sent wrong products last time. Niharika says I can’t wait for Diya to fall.

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