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Rishton Ka Manjha 31st December 2021 Diya cries around and says is someone there? Tina please let me out. Please don’t ruin our lives. She says I have to go to Arjun. Where am I? She cries. Diya says I won’t let you succeed Tina. Please show me a way God. Please.

Arjun walks drunk on the road. He recalls marrying Diya. He recalls training Diya and Diya saying to Madhuri she will lose the tournament. Arjun says I don’t even want to see your face. I can’t accept you in my life. Diya says he must be in so much pain. He did so much for my dreams. He had so many hopes from this match. He must be broken. Diya cries and says I won’t let you go into that darkness again. I have to get out of here. She cries.

Scene 2
Dadi sees the messy room and all food left over. Depika says ever since she came back isn’t she acting weird? She never liked eating in room and see this? Dadi says this is her reality. she has betrayed Arjun. He was so hurt. She broke his trust. I couldn’t see his condition. She’s responsible for it. I will never forgive her. Diya says who is rubbishing here? Let me sleep.

Amitabh says for the first time I feel like thanking Diya for what she did for this family. Madhuri says she did it all for me. Amitabh says save her from Arjun’s anger. Madhuri says she gave up on her dreams. I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I shouldn’t have forced Arjun away from badminton. It has broken him more. Their marriage is about to break. Amitabh says it’s better for him to go away from badminton.

We have suffered so much beacuse of this sport. I hope he calms down. If Diya decides to leave this house don’t stop her. Madhuri says what? He says their marriage was based on badminton. What’s the point of this marriage then? They should start their new lives. Arjun has gone away from badminton because of her. If he found past our business.. I mean this house would be ruined. He should stay away from badminton. Madhuri says what did she mean.

Depika says what tone are you talking in? Can’t you see dadi? Diya says sorry. I couldn’t sleep for seven days. My roommates, I had to fight with them all the time so I slipped my tongue in the sleep. I cried a lot after what happened today. She says dadi forgive me. Dadi says you don’t deserve any pardon. Depika is also angry. Diya says bhabhi I did it all for Arjun. Depika says because of you Arjun went back to that darkness. Why did you give him false hopes? Why did you snatch his life? I always supported you but I won’t today. They hear someone saying come in pandit ji.

Scene 3
Arjun has called pandit ji. He says where is bahu? Amitabh says what’s happening here? Arjun says did you give a gift to your DIL for losing? Give her an expensive saree and bring her downstairs. Something was left, it has to happen here. Diya comes there. Arjun says our favorite DIL is here. Come here. You all look so good together, happy and perfect family. Business is happy, demads are happy, DIL is happy.

I am a misfit in this family. I am the only one not happy. I am a stain on this family. Right Mr. Agarwal? I’ve no trust left anymore. So I am ending all relations with this family. I will do my shrap today.

Scene 4
Diya screams for help. She hears the goon talking outside on the call. Diya makes noise and says let me go. I will give my life if you don’t let me go. You will be in jail all your life. He says what are you doing? Diya says I will die and you will be sentenced. Let me go or I will kill myself. The goon calls Tina and says Diya is saying she will kill herself. The goon says if anything happens to her we will be in trouble. Diya hits her head on the pillar. It bleeds a little. Tina says she’s fooling you. He says no she’s hitting her head. We will be in trouble. Tina says keep one man out and you go in. He says I am alone here. Tina says I am coming there. Don’t open the door.

Scene 5
Arjun says yes, let’s start here. Depika says what are you doing? dadi says if this what you will do to your dadi? Amitabh says to pandit ji go from here. He’s not in his senses. Arjun says I am in my senses. Diya says I can cross any limit for me and Arjun. she faints. Arjun puts his photo on the table. Pihu says he’s so crazy.

Pihu says please forgive me Arjun. Please. Arjun says I’ve seen your reality. Don’t do these drama. Madhuri says if you do this, you will see my dead face.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2021
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