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Rishton Ka Manjha 30th December 2021 Arjun says my relationship with you is over. Madhuri says please Arjun.. listen. Arjun says I will go back to my dark life. It was a lot better than this light. I was okay there. That was my life. Pihu says maa you know I did all of this for him. How do I convince him maa?

Diya says how do I get out of here and tell Arjun I wanted to win this match for him. Diya cries. She says what’s happening with me. PLease expose Tina and get me out of here. Please. Amitabh says don’t worry. He will calm down. Pihu says dadi I did all this for Arjun. Amitabh says in heart no one will try to probe the past now.

Everything will be fine. Arjun will get drunk and then he will be fine. Pihu tries to look for the room. Niharika says why are you going in dadi’s room? Pihu says I was so stressed my brain isn’t working. So much has happened. Niharika says let me take you inside. She takes her inside. Pihu says what a big room. Niharika says don’t worry. You did it all for this house. Arjun will be fine.

Pihu says this house is so nice. She rests on the best. Niharika looks at her shocked. She says Diya is dancing around the room?

Niharika says would you eat something? Pihu says pizza burger hot dog? She says no I mean I was very weak at the camp. Can I eat something good now? Niharika says I understand. Looks like your brian isn’t working. Pihu says camp days were very tough. But I forgot outside food isn’t allowed. Pihu says Depika will get yo something good. Pihu locks the door.

Scene 2
Arjun comes to Diya’s parents. Mohan says how can she lose on her own? It was her biggest dream. Arjun says your daughter’s dreams have changed. She’s a business family’s DIL now. She’s learned how to make deals so she made a deal with maa. She sold her dream and became a DIL. She sold it. He faints. Arjun says this isn’t the Diya I married. She changed when she saw the shinning castle. She wants to be a good DIL.

Pihu calls Tina. She says let me tell you what happened. Arjun was so angry. He was shouting at me so much. He said his marriage with Diya is over. He left. I don’t know where did he go. Tina says I know. Tina says he should think you married for his status. Enjoy your time in that house. Tina says everything is mine here except for her husband. I will steal here and you will pay me for it? I am an amazing actor. Don’t worry.

Scene 3
Arjun says to Mira it’s all over. Please bring her back. I don’t want to see her. She is a betrayer. I can’t look at her ever since I saw her losing on her own. Arjun cries. He says please bring her here. Mira says don’t say that. I will talk to her. Don’t break this marriage. Arjun says I can’t tolerate her.

Amitabh calls Karan and says Diya lost the match. She will never look at badminton. Karan says why would she intentionally lose? Amitabh says Madhuri told her if she wants to get desingation of being our DIL she made that deal. It was beneficial for her in a long run. Make sure Arjun didn’t get any old information from the bank.

Scene 4
Diya recalls how Arjun became her sky at marriage. How he always protected her at the camp. Diya says where are you Arjun? Your Diya needs you. Tina can’t part us. Please let me go. She cries.

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