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Rishton Ka Manjha 30th August 2021 Madhuri rushes to Arjun and says I was worried for you. Arjun says I can see everyone being worried for me. Amitabh says my son is here so we will celebrate now. Deepika says it will be fun now. Amitabh says Arjun will take the first bite of the cake. Arjun stands beside him as he cuts the cake. Amitabh offers cake to Arjun but he stops him. All look on.

Mohan and Diya’s family arrive in a small society. Mohan’s brother and his family comes to meet them. Diya’s aunt Rama is angry seeing them. Diya greets her aunt but she angrily leaves. Mohan looks on.

Arjun tells his father that I am a stranger in all this celebration. You are a stranger to me so I can’t enjoy your happiness, it’s your birthday, your cake so eat as much as you want. He starts going to his room. Madhuri tries to stop him but he leaves.

Rama tells Mohan that you had a good job and a house there but this Diya destroyed everything. Mohan’s brother asks her to stop it, he asks his daughter Shobha to help them. Mohan’s family goes to settle down. Rama taunts her husband that they are here when they have nothing left. Diya hears that.

Arjun comes to his room and looks at himself in the mirror. He recalls how he tried to convince Amitabh that he didn’t take any drugs, badminton is his life. Amitabh shouted that he was blamed for drugs so I can’t get his case reopened as it will bring disrespect to my family, he has to leave badminton. Arjun begged him to help him, badminton is his life. The flashback ends. Arjun starts drinking alcohol and recalls the incident.

Diya’s friend Payal calls her and says a drunk man threw a shoe at Karan after you left the venue. Diya says we have come to Kolkata, can you please send me my cheque? She says sure and ends the call. Diya thinks if it was Arjun who threw a shoe at Karan?

Scene 2
Arjun is murmuring in a drunk state. Madhuri tends to him and says the most difficult fight is against the family, just end it and start a new life. I don’t like to see you in this state. I think Tina can help you start a new life, she will take care of you. You will say yes to her in the party right? Arjun is drunk and murmurs a yes. Madhuri says everything will be fine. She puts him in the bed and sadly leaves.

Shobha brings Diya to her new room and asks why are you tensed? Diya says I have to look for a address but my phone is not working. Shobha asks what address? Diya says Kolkata badminton academy. Shobha says your father is already hurt. Diya says Karan is coming there tomorrow and if I meet him then I will ask for the job, I can help father then. Shobha says what help do you need? Diya says I have to go to the academy.

Mohan tells his brother that I am not worried about the job, I will find it soon. I am worried about Diya. Diya comes there and hears it. Mohan says I want Diya to get married soon. I am scared after what happened yesterday. What if anything happens to me? His brother says we can talk to Sadna, she has many proposals. Shobha says I am taking Diya to the market as she needs some items. Meera asks Diya to come back fast. Diya is guilty for lying but leaves with Shobha.

Diya and Shobha are going to the badminton center. Shobha goes to buy a water bottle. Diya sees an old woman coming out of the building, she is about to fall down but Diya rushes to her saves her in time. Shobha brings water. Diya asks the woman who is Arjun’s dadi if she is fine? Dadi looks at her and says I am fine. it’s my son’s birthday so I have to go now. Thank you for saving me. Diya says I will drop you home. Dadi says I have a driver. Diya says you might get ill again, I will drop you home. Dadi smiles and says okay.

Arjun wakes up in his room and stumbles around.

Diya brings Dadi to her room. She looks at a big house and it’s decorated.

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