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Rishton Ka Manjha 29th September 2021 Arjun tells Karan that he will give him a return gift soon. Karan looks on and leaves. Arjun starts going to his room. Madhuri says you can give this gift to me. Arjun says Karan brought it for me, I will give him a return gift, it should be able to surprise him right Mr. Agarwal? Amitabh looks on. Arjun says thank you for everything Mr. Agarwal, you are the best dad ever for bringing me to this stage. He leaves from there. Madhuri asks Amitabh what was Karan doing here? He is your best friend’s son-in-law so talk to him.

Meera is talking about wedding rituals but Diya is in thoughts about Arjun. Shobha says there is so much to do at a wedding. She says Arjun must have a lavish wedding. Diya mistakenly cuts her hand as she is in thoughts. Meera rushes to her and asks what happened to her? Where are you lost? Shobha’s mother says she is always in thought, she doesn’t look happy about her marriage. Diya thinks why am I feeling scared and worried?

Tina calls Karan and asks why did he come to the house and give a gift to Arjun? He is angry again. Karan says we were friends because of badminton so I wanted to give him something memorable. Tina says he said that he would meet you on 4th October, you have challenged him and he won’t back down now. Karan says it’s your duty to stop him that day. He might win the challenge against me but you would lose him. Tina ends the call and is worried.

Shobha bandages Diya’s hand. Diya says thank God I didn’t hurt my right hand so I can play the match. Shobha says you won’t be able to go for the match, Arjun is getting married on the same day so he won’t be able to come there. Diya thinks Arjun will find a way for sure and take me to play the match.

Arjun looks at Karan’s gift and says this is a trophy for me, I will see him on 4th October.

Scene 2
Meera is preparing for Diya’s rituals. She says I have made everything for Diya. She will get married tomorrow so this is her day to eat at her family’s house. Diya comes there, dressed in a good saree. Mohan asks her to sit down and eat. He says we will miss having dinner with you. Mohan tells Meera that Ajit will be here to bless Diya.

Ajit and Sadna are going to Diya’s house. Sadna asks him to stop acting like a goon for some days so Mohan won’t doubt you. Ajit says that Diya’s wedding got canceled so Mohan can’t cut ties with me now. They are lucky to get a guy like me. Diya won’t be accepted by any guy. If her father denies me then I will abduct Diya.

Arjun comes near Diya’s house and calls her. Diya is eating with her family. Shobha has her phone and sees Arjun calling her. Shobha cuts his call. Arjun calls again. Shobha takes the call and says Diya can’t talk to you right. Arjun says I have to meet her today. Shobha says it’s not possible. Arjun says just let me talk to her.

Ajit’s family comes to Diya’s house. Shobha gives Arjun’s message to her. Diya looks on.

Arjun is waiting for Diya while Diya is at her house with Ajit. Ajit’s family blesses her. Diya is tensed. Ajit’s family says we have to leave now. Mohan says we will come to your house tomorrow to bless Ajit. Ajit and his family leave. Diya takes off Ajit’s jewelry and leaves from there.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2021
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