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Rishton Ka Manjha 27th September 2021 Madhuri comes to Arjun’s room and asks if everything is fine? You came early last night. Arjun moves away from her so she can’t see his wounds. He says you are showering me with love today. Madhuri says soon you will become Tina’s so let me pamper you. Arjun says I am always your son, I need tea first then I will talk to you. She says okay and leaves. Arjun says I have to call Diya, she must be worried.

Diya is trying to enter Arjun’s house but the guard stops her. She says I am here to meet Arjun Agarwal, I am from a media. I will take his interview for his wedding. I will print your photo on paper too. She takes his photo. The guard allows her to go inside. Shobha waits outside.

Deepika comes to Arjun and says you should meet a doctor. I am worried about you. Arjun says I am fine. Tina and Niharika come there. Tina shows him the outfits and asks Arjun to try these for measurements. Arjun says I am sleepy so please leave. Niharika says we will start with his head. Arjun says Tina is perfect so I don’t need to try anything. Tina takes a turban and is about to put it on his head. Arjun is worried as he has an injury on his head.

Diya is going inside Arjun’s house and stops in the garden. She says anyone can recognize me there. She stops a servant and asks him to call Arjun Agarwal, I am here to take his interview. He says okay.

Tina is about to put the turban on Arjun’s head but the servant comes there and says a reporter is here to take Arjun’s interview. Tina says what? These media people are always behind him. I will go and meet her. Arjun says she is here to meet me. Tina says these media people always bother you with past questions so I will handle her. She leaves from there.

Diya sees Tina coming to her. She gets tensed. Tina is approaching her. Diya says what is Tina doing here? Tina says why do you want to meet Arjun? He can’t meet you as he is busy. You can ask me anything about him, I am his would-be wife. Which newspaper are you from? Diya coughs Kolkata newspaper. tina asks her for the ID card. Diya gets worried.

Mohan tells Meera that someone saw Ajit fighting with some guy. I have called Sadna. Sadna comes there with Ajit. Mohan says why did you call him? Sadna says you people are worried so I thought to clarify everything. Ajit says I will tell you what happened. A guy was trying to steal someone’s phone. I tried to stop him but he started beating me so I had to answer him back. Then I called the police. I know your neighbor saw me and thought wrong.

Arjun comes to Tina and Diya. He says how are you reporter? What’s up? Tina looks on and asks if you know her? Arjun says yes. Diya coughs. Arjun tells Tina that I will give her an interview so she can finalize the clothes. Tina leaves from there. Diya sighs in relief. She stares at Arjun.

Ajit tells Mohan that he can’t let wrong happen to anyone. I am sorry for worrying you. Mohan says it’s okay, I know you are the right man for Diya. Sadna says it’s good everything is cleared. Ajit says I should leave now. He goes from there with Sadna. Sadna thinks if it was not for money then I wouldn’t trap an innocent girl with this Shakti (Ajit’s real name).

Arjun asks Diya if she was missing her training? Diya says how did you know I was here? Arjun says good question. The flashback shows how Arjun saw Shobha outside the house from the window and realized Diya must be around. He tells Diya that I was not calling you then you came here? He scolds her but Diya is worried. He asks what happened? Diya cries and says you are scolding me. Arjun says don’t cry.

Diya says I just wanted to see you, I heard you screaming and was so worried. Arjun says I broke my phone after some goons attacked me. Diya says you must be injured, I know you must have not gone to a doctor. Arjun says don’t worry about me, go from here before anyone sees you. Diya starts to leave but stops and asks if he is fine? Take medicine on time. Arjun nods. She asks him to call her when he is free, he nods. Diya smiles and leaves.


Rishton Ka Manjha 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tina asks Arjun how was his interview? He says it was fine. Tina says I felt she was not a journalist. Meera questions Diya if you went for wedding shopping then where is your shopping stuff? Diya looks on.

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Telecast Date:27th September 2021
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