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Rishton Ka Manjha 27th December 2021 Tina says no one will believe you’re Pihu and not Diya. She met her. Pihu met Tina. She says your men got me here for my talent. What do I have to do? Tina said you’ve to act. She showed her Diya’s video. Pihu said it is me but I’ve never played badminton.

Tina says she’s your doppelganger Diya. Pihu said she looks rich. All those clothes. Tina said you have to pretend to be her and live her life for some days. Pihu said but that’s wrong. Tina said you can earn so much money and get whatever you want. Pihu said but I can’t play badminton. Tina said you only have to lose.

You will live in Diya’s house and live the best life. You’ve to train to be like Diya. See these videos and see how she speaks. Pihu said I can do anything for money. Tina said I will take you the camp. I will kidnap her first. Let the game begin.

Tina’s men kidnapped Diya while she was practicing. She took Diya to the shed and left Pihu there. tina said you’ve to pretend to be Diya. No one should doubt. Tina says Arjun would be so hurt when he sees Diya losing. Pihu practicing talking to Madhuri about leaving badminton. Tina said very nice. Pihu said I told you I am amazing actress. Tina saw her video talking to Madhuri and send that video to Karan.

Tina says you have to go to that house now and make Arjun hate Diya. He should hate everything Arjun likes about her. Shatter him so much where he needs a support. When he’s alone I will be there for him and I will get everything that was mine. Kick diya out of Arjun and everyone’s heart. You’ve to do all that Diya can never do. They should think this is her reality. You should go. Kush must have came to pick you. Arjun must be drinking somewhere. Pihu says remaining payment? Tina says you will get it. Pihu leaves.

Scene 2
Kush waits for Diya. Pihu comes. She says Arjun.. kush says he’s upset. But don’t worry. I will find him. It’s okay, you lost. I know you care the most about it. Let’s go home. Pihu sits in the car. Tina keeps an eye on her. tina says Arjun I will make you hate Diya like you hated me once. You will need a shoulder then.

Niharika tells Amitabh Diya lost the match. she told mummy ji if she loses she will never play badminton again. He says call Madhuri. Madhuri asks Niharika to call Kush and see if Arjun is with him. Amitabh says Diya lost. Will she never play badminton? Madhuri says she made a promise. Amitabh says all our problems are gone. No issues now. Madhuri says I know but we have to respect Diya. Amitabh says we will. She should just stay away from badminton. Madhuri says I am really worried for Arjun. He must be really hurt.

Scene 3
Arjun is drinking. He thinks about Diya losing. He says why Diya? Why did you do this? You did such a bad thing. Why. I got myself out of that darkness for you. You brought me back to the same point. He recalls everything. Arjun says you used me. You always thought about yourself only. And I used to dream of you winning.

This is how you broke me. I didn’t feel this bad 5 years ago either. Why Diya. You’ve failed me Diya. He breaks the bottle. Police come and say what are you doing here? Getting drunk on the way? Arjun says don’t ask me questions. The road was empty like my life so I threw it. I want to go home. They take him to police station. They say going drinking here is illegal.

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