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Rishton Ka Manjha 25th December 2021 Diya says I’ve to lose the tournament. Arjun says I have to go inside the camp. I won’t let you do this. He disguised as a poor man and goes inside the man. The guard asks who are you?

Diya is losing the match. Arjun says I am here to meet Bunty he’s my brother. Arjun gets inside the court. He sees Diya losing.

Scene 2
Depika asks Bannu to make kheer. She says diya is coming home with trophy today. We will make everything she likes. Diya and Arjun would be so happy. Arjun says Diya isn’t even playing easiest shots. Arjun recalls saying to Diya I am always with you. Arjun says Diya.. Diya looks at him. She’s shocked. The bouncers take him out of the court. Arjun shoves them. He says you can’t betray me Diya. ARjun says you thought I won’t know? You wanna lose the match to a good DIL?? I won’t let that happen. Diya says what are you saying? Arjun says I saw your reality with my eyes. I thought you’re different.

Arjun says I saw myself and my dream in you. I wanted to win it through you. I left badminton then why did you bring it back? You broke my hope and dream. Why did you give me that hope? I made your dream my mission. I fought with everyone but stood with you. What did you do? Betray me? Decided to lose?

For my future? I told you my happiness is related to this game. I thought you understand me but I was wrong. Arjun says a liar like you doesn’t derserve this racket, this court or this game. He breaks her racket. Arjun says I thought our connection is special. I thought this tournament will take a new turn in our relationship. Now it will, it will break. Arjun says media, report that Arjun Agarwal got betrayed again. Diya cries. Arjun says I hate you Diya. The game is over. He leaves in anger. Diya says Arjun.. Tina looks at Diya and smiles. Diya cries.

Scene 2
Madhuri asks did Arjun speak to you? Depika says Kush might have spoken to him. Madhuri says I am worried for Diya. DEpika says why are you worried? They will both come back with their dream. Diya will bring the old Arjun with trophy. Niharika says mummy ji I got a message that Diya lost the tournament. Everyone is shocked.

Monica says this was so much fun. Time for party. Monica says to Diya all your stars are on ground. No dignity in losing. You lost every round. Diya cries. Monica says you lost your husband too. He said he hates you. He wasn’t wrong. He became a sweeper for you and you lost. But good show. Diya leaves. Monica says answer me at least. Don’t ever come in the court again. Go and work in the kitchen. Diya cries.

Depika says what? Diya lost? Niharika says really bad. She played like she’s never played before. She couldn’t even win a single point. Madhuri recalls what Diya said. Depika says Diya plays so well. How is that possible? She won the match in saree too. How is this possible. Arjun must be so hurt. It was Arjun’s dream for her to win.

Scene 3
Diya sits in the car to go home. She looks at the broken rakcet. Tina is in the car. Diya smiles to her.

Niharika says you’re right. Arjun cooked her food, got her trained, he did so much. He fought with me and even mummy ji even then Diya lost. She said such big things. He was so proud of her. I thought she will become a star. I feel like she had no talent. Niharika says enough. It’s a game, people can lose. Stop it. Niharika says let me tell papa ji. Depika says what will happen now?

Diya says to Tina how was my performance? Tina says worth the money. It was so good even if Diya was there she would have been shocked. No one would believe you’re not Diya but her doppelganger, Pihu. Pihu says I told you I am the best actress. Will go to Mumbai soon. Tina says keep doing your work, I will give you so much money. Pihu says I fooled that Arjun too. Tina says even I was shocked when I saw you for the first time. She’s the girl who came to meet her at the shed.

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