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Rishton Ka Manjha 24th January 2022 Diya comes to the hall. It’s all decorated. Diya says Arjun? I know you’re hidden. Come out. Lights turn on and confetti fall on her. Arjun comes in singing happy birthday to you. He brings the cake.

Diya says how do you know? Arjun says surprised? I am your husband and I never tried to know anything about you. Red color suits you but I never asked what’s your favorite color, or who’s your best friend. I only talked about badminton.

I only tried to be your sky but forgot your ground. The ground that had your childhood, friends, likes, dislikes. Never asked you for any of your stories. What kind of husband am I. I didn’t even know your birthday. I saw it on the form recently. I became your trainer more than the husband. I kept feeding you diet food.

Everything changed for you after the wedding. Your life became so tought when you came here. I want to be your husband now. I didn’t care about you enough. I doubted you. You’re a very good human. Diya cries.

Arjun says I really respect you and it increases everything. All of this is to thank you. You are special in my life. Thank you for being the hope and light of my life. I don’t know how to express. If I could show you my heart what I feel. Thanks for this feeling. He hold her hand and says would you celebrate this feeling with me? Diya cries. She looks around. Arjun says what happened? Diya says nothing.

He says didn’tyou like it? Diya says I loved it. I never thought I could be so special for someone. Arjun says get used to it. You didn’t say what I wanna hear? I mean appreciate all this.. Diya hugs him and cries. Diya says this is the best birthday of my life. She kisses his hand and says thank you.

Depika and Kush come. Kush says no credit for us? Depika says we worked too. Arjun says it was my plan. Kush says and who executed it? I did all the decor. And Diya arranged everything. Depika says and Arjun made the cake. Diya says really? He says yes. Let’s cut the cake. Depika and Kush wish her. Kush says I hope you stay with this angry man forever. He teases them. Arjun says shut up.

Diya says where is mom, papa, Love, Niharika? Kush says don’t take Niharika’s name. Depika says Love is out. Arjun says why is he out every day? Depika says maa and dadi must be asleep. Madhuri comes and says how could I sleep? It’s Diya’s birthday. She hugs her. Diya cuts the cake and makes everyone eat the cake. Kush says your son has grown up finally. He planned this birthday entirely himself.

Scene 2
Parvati calls Karan and says they were all up. Everyone is busy with birthday today. Karan says hurry up. We only have two days. I need my plan successful. His manager tells him Arjun has sent out invites for the press conference.

Madhuri cookes. Bannu says let me cook. She says it’s my daughter’s birthday, I will cook all by myself. Depika says let me help. Madhuri says Mira told me what Diya likes the most. Don’t tell Arjun otherwise he would come too. Bannu says he’s not in the house. He left in a hurry. Madhuri burns her hand. Depika says he’s not a kid. Why did you get stressed?

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Telecast Date:24th January 2022
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