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Rishton Ka Manjha 24th December 2021 Arjun watches the game techniques of Diya’s competitor. He thinks of reminding Diya to practice well. Then he thinks that how will he inform her as her phone went missing. Tina tells Dipika that she hurt them a lot by her act, but she loves them too. She came to a nearby NGO and thought to meet Agarwals. She says she started doing good work for mental peace.

Luv tells her to sit. One guard talks to Karan and then says they have locked Biplab in a room, so they will find the culprit no matter what. Tina says she is trying to reduce her guilt by doing charity work. She asks about Amitabh and Madhuri, and then asks about Arjun. Niharika tells her that Arjun must be with Diya as he cares for her a lot. He is staying near camp may be. Tina says Arjun is really caring.

Diya is lucky to have him. Arjun finds Biplab’s phone switched off. He assumes Biplab got caught. The guards try to break the door lock to catch Arjun. Tina leaves. Niharika thinks she should not tell anything to Tina as the latter has changed. Dipika says it’s good for Tina that she changed herself. She indirectly taunts Luv.

Niharika provokes Luv against Dipika, saying she is behaving very strangely. It happened because of Diya. Luv agrees. Niharika says she doesn’t feel a girl like Tina can come here to apologise. There is something fishy. Arjun escapes through the window. Guards find his luggage and go to search for him. Tina learns from Karan that Arjun has escaped. Tina gets upset hearing that. She says Karan should have taken a photo of Arjun to expose him. But now they have no proof that he was in the camp. Karan says he didn’t take Monica seriously, but she was right. But since Arjun left the campus, Diya can lose the match easily without his support. Tina says she has gut feeling that Diya is going to lose. Karan asks her how she came to know about Arjun’s presence in camp. Tina says it was her gut feeling only.

Karan informs Amitabh that Arjun was staying in the camp as a sweeper, and he is trying to find out about his past. Arjun even trying to meet Dr Sen. Karan warns Amitabh as the latter may end up in trouble if the truth comes out. Amitabh says whatever he did was for Arjun’s good. Karan cuts the call. Amitabh tells Madhuri about Arjun’s action and says people will laugh at them because of him. Madhuri calms him down saying everything will be fine. Madhuri says Diya will leave badminton if she loses the match. They should have patience. The championship match begins and contestants get ready and shake each other’s hands. Monica defeats Soma in the first match. She wins. Arjun looks stressed. Diya goes to play the match with Debi. Diya doesn’t perform well.

Arjun hopes to be with Diya during match. He gets the video recording where Diya is saying she will lose the match to save him from badminton. Arjun gets shocked. Monica says why Diya is playing so badly. Arjun sees the whole video. Diya loses the first match. Monica says Diya is not using any techniques. Arjun recalls Diya’s motivating words. He wonders who sent him the video. He decides to go inside the camp. He enters as a tea seller and one guard doubts him.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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