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Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd September 2021 Amitabh meets Guruji and says you can start the pooja. Guruji says I want to meet bride and groom first. Tina and Arjun come there. Guruji says you seem tensed? Madhuri says he is always busy with things, tell him to focus on his wedding. Guruji says their kundlis match and seem like they will have a good life together. Arjun says you can take rest Guruji, we will meet later on. He starts leaving, dadi asks where are you going? Arjun says I will be back before Guruji leaves. He asks him to bless.

Meera is getting ready, her cousin Shobha asks her to keep some bags with her. Mohan says I should go with you people, how will you carry so many things? Diya says we are not alone, we all are going together. Mohan glares at her and recalls how Diya said that Arjun encouraged her to play badminton. Meera says let’s go. Mohan asks Meera to meet the seller and ask him to bring sweets on the wedding day.

Guruji tells Madhuri that Arjun’s would-be wife will bring happiness to his life. Madhuri says what do you mean his would-be wife? Guruji says what’s written in his fate will happen. You can’t change that. Whatever will happen will be for good. Madhuri looks on.

Arjun is getting ready in his room. Madhuri comes there and says I told you you wouldn’t go anywhere today, Guruji is here because of your wedding only. Arjun says I will be back soon. He leaves from there. Niharika says he just left like that? This guy even ignored Guruji. Deepika says don’t worry, he will be back as Diya promised you to not get trained by him anymore. Niharika says these middle-class people have no morals, she would break her promise. Madhuri thinks what if Diya meets Arjun again? She says I don’t know anymore, she leaves from there. Niharika says Guruji hinted at something.

Diya, Meera, and Shobha are in the market when a car stops nearby. Arjun comes out of the car. Diya says I know why he is here. Meera says what will you do? Diya says he shouldn’t know what happened at our house. Arjun comes to her and says answer me, what was all that? Why don’t you want to train anymore? Diya recalls how she promised Madhuri to not bring Arjun close to badminton again.

She looks away. Arjun glares at her. Diya says you heard right, I don’t want to train anymore so I don’t need your help. I will manage on my own, Ajit is there to support me. She starts leaving but Arjun stops her and says you want to play badminton, you want to train but you don’t want to practice with me so the problem is with me? Right? Answer me what happened? Diya looks away. Arjun shouts to just answer him. Diya says the problem is with you, badminton has given you pain only, it has hurt you every time.

If you didn’t meet me then badminton wouldn’t have come back in your life. You told me once to stay away from badminton so today I am telling you to stay away from me and badminton both. Arjun says how do you know about my pain? I never said anything to you so how come you are talking about my pain? Diya looks away. Diya says you have helped me a lot till now so thank you for that. She starts leaving but Arjun stops her. Sadna comes there and says who is this guy with Mohan’s daughter?

Arjun asks what is your issue? Meera asks Arjun to stay away from Diya, she is getting married so don’t create issues for her, leave now. Arjun says no, I won’t go without getting an answer, he asks Diya what’s the issue with my training? I won’t let you end this story like this. You are right, I didn’t want to play badminton after what happened to me but you brought me close to badminton. Now, I want to stand with you and fight for justice but you are moving away back now?

If you do this then Karan will win who sells people’s dreams. I won’t let it happen. He asks Diya to come with him. He tells Meera that I will drop her in an hour, I promise you I will drop her anywhere you ask me after training. He drags Diya to his car, makes her sit down and drives away with her. Meera looks on. Sadna says he is the same guy from the TV. I won’t tell Ajit as I just need my money.

Arjun brings Diya to the court and asks her to get ready for the training. We have to start with a warm-up. Diya sadly looks at him. Diya thinks he is standing up for my dream and fighting everyone for me. I have to fulfill my dream so I can help my father. She smiles at him and starts doing her warm. Arjun asks who told you to keep me away from badminton? Was it my mom or Tina? Diya looks away.

Guruji starts pooja with the family. Madhuri asks Deepika to call Arjun. She says he is not picking up. Madhuri says I pray that he is back before pooja starts. Arjun comes there and says why fear when Arjun is here? Madhuri smiles and says let’s go to the pooja now. Arjun stops her and says you went again to meet Diya?

Tina and Niharika come there. Madhuri glares at him. Arjun asks if she told her to stay away from him? Madhuri recalls Diya’s promise to never meet Arjun again. Arjun asks Tina if she asked Diya to stay away from like a possessive would-be wife? you want Diya to stay away from me so I can stay away from badminton right? Tina says why would I do that? She is a very nice girl. I didn’t say anything to her.

Madhuri says I told Diya to stay away from you but I didn’t know she would fill your ears against your own mother. That girl is clever that for her own benefit, she is using your weaknesses. She is dragging you back to your dark past. Everyone knows badminton is your weakness, she is using training as a tool to take you away from us, I don’t want to lose you again. Arjun says are you people insecure that Diya will bring me closer to badminton? For your information, Diya didn’t bring me close to badminton, I chose to go back to it. Madhuri says why do you want to go on a path which pained you?

Arjun says because I want to punish Karan and don’t let him ruin another Arjun. Madhuri says why do you have these thoughts after all these years? Because of that girl right? I was right about her. Arjun shouts why should my problems affect that girl? Badminton is my issue, her only dream is to help her father and I admire her for that. She doesn’t need to suffer because of my dark past. Madhuri shouts that you are fighting with me for that girl? Deepika asks them to calm down, she asks Arjun to get ready for the pooja. She takes Madhuri from there. Tina is angry.


Rishton Ka Manjha 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun asks where is Tina? Her father says she went to meet Diya and invite her. Arjun looks on.

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